Hitachi patents granted on 23 October 2007

40 US patents granted on 23 October 2007 and assigned to Hitachi

1 7,287,188 Work machine maintenance system
2 7,287,155 Storage control system and boot control system
3 7,287,132 Storage system, method of controlling storage system, and storage device
4 7,287,129 Storage management method and storage management system
5 7,287,125 Disk array device, method for controlling the disk array device and storage system
6 7,287,116 Storage virtualization system and method having a virtualization switch
7 7,287,045 Backup method, storage system, and program for backup
8 7,286,979 Communication terminal and communication system
9 7,286,966 Rotation planning apparatus and rotation planning system
10 7,286,943 In-vehicle electronic device, thermal flowmeter and electronic circuit board
11 7,286,870 Optical system for measuring metabolism in a body and imaging method
12 7,286,595 Apparatus using a lengthened equalization target filter with a matched filter metric in a viterbi detector
13 7,286,539 Packet forwarding apparatus with function of limiting the number of user terminals to be connected to ISP
14 7,286,535 Device for flow classifying and packet forwarding device with flow classify function
15 7,286,520 Mobile terminal equipment and packet communication method between terminals
16 7,286,430 Semiconductor device
17 7,286,416 Non-volatile semiconductor memory device and semiconductor memory device
18 7,286,337 Switching device for power distribution
19 7,286,326 Magnetic head with air bearing surface protection film
20 7,286,316 Method and data storage device for writing patterns onto recording disk
21 7,286,314 Disk drive with localized clearance and contact potential measurement capability
22 7,286,310 Apparatus for receiving compressed digital information
23 7,286,153 Three-dimensional recording and reproducing apparatus
24 7,286,105 Image display
25 7,285,927 Control apparatus for electric motor of inverter system and control apparatus for electro mechanical brake
26 7,285,901 Display device having a connecting portion between cathode line and electron source
27 7,285,790 Optical measurement system for living bodies and method thereof
28 7,285,777 Sample dimension measuring method and scanning electron microscope
29 7,285,776 Scanning transmission electron microscope and electron energy loss spectroscopy
30 7,285,507 Ceramic composition being fired at low temperature and having high strength and method for preparing the same, and laminated electronic parts using the same
31 7,285,430 Connection device and test system
32 7,285,361 Non-aqueous secondary battery and portable equipment using the same
33 7,285,329 Fine composite metal particles and their production method, micro-bodies, and magnetic beads
34 7,285,250 Apparatus for treating perfluorocompound gas
35 7,285,199 Apparatus and method for electrophoretic microspot concentration
36 7,284,906 Exhaust apparatus and control method for same, and vacuum-use hydrostatic bearing
37 7,284,864 Projector type display apparatus
38 7,284,535 Motor driving type throttle apparatus
39 7,284,424 Thermal air flow rate measuring apparatus and its flowmeter and internal combustion engine and thermal air flow rate measuring method using it
40 D553,562 Battery pack