Hitachi patents granted on 23 September 2008

32 US patents granted on 23 September 2008 and assigned to Hitachi

1 7,428,682 Semiconductor memory device
2 7,428,657 Method for rolling back from snapshot with log
3 7,428,642 Method and apparatus for data storage
4 7,428,624 Host computer system and storage system having a bandwidth management function for storage volumes
5 7,428,614 Management system for a virtualized storage environment
6 7,428,612 Magnetic disk drive and method for controlling write operation
7 7,428,594 File server system
8 7,428,584 Method for managing a network including a storage system
9 7,428,527 Data distribution method, data search method, and data search system
10 7,428,511 Electronic business transaction system
11 7,428,460 Method of delivering difference map data
12 7,428,307 Data reproduction apparatus capable of safely controlling reproduction time of encrypted content data and data reproduction circuit and data recording apparatus used for the same
13 7,428,264 Transmission power control method for a wireless communication system
14 7,428,225 Wireless communication system and wireless communication method
15 7,428,210 Fail over method and a computing system having fail over function
16 7,428,192 Optical pickup device and optical disk device using it
17 7,428,129 Methods and apparatus for improved hard magnet properties in magnetoresistive read heads using a multi-layered seed layer structure
18 7,428,125 Rotating disk storage device and pivot bearing
19 7,428,122 Hermetically sealed disk drive with low height
20 7,428,119 Magnetic disk drive with head retraction control
21 7,428,115 Magnetic hard disk drive with countermeasure against spike noise
22 7,427,969 Plasma display apparatus
23 7,427,916 Method for inspecting and monitoring building, structure, or facilities accompanying them
24 7,427,895 Doherty amplifier with improved linearity
25 7,427,860 Module to control a rotating output shaft and a module to change a driving condition of vehicle
26 7,427,849 Controller for an electric vehicle and driving apparatus for the electric vehicle
27 7,427,827 Image display device and manufacturing method of the same
28 7,427,191 Oil pump
29 7,427,114 Brake fluid pressure control unit for vehicle
30 7,427,007 Combustion-powered nail gun
31 7,426,982 Elevator group supervisory control system
32 7,426,833 Gas turbine combustor and fuel supply method for same