Hitachi patents granted on 24 April 2007

52 US patents granted on 24 April 2007 and assigned to Hitachi

1 7,210,043 Trusted computer system
2 7,210,011 Information processing system, storage system, storage device controller and program that enable facilitating the recovery work of remote copying
3 7,209,986 Method for controlling storage system, and storage control apparatus
4 7,209,967 Dynamic load balancing of a storage system
5 7,209,863 Performance information monitoring system, method and program
6 7,209,846 Quality control system for manufacturing industrial products
7 7,209,821 Apparatus for controlling run of a car, and car using the apparatus
8 7,209,765 Wireless data communication system, wireless data communication method and communication apparatus
9 7,209,631 Image recording/reproducing apparatus
10 7,209,589 Method and apparatus for measuring dimension using electron microscope
11 7,209,484 Gateway apparatus, address administration method, and audio-video apparatus having gateway function
12 7,209,433 Channel estimation and compensation techniques for use in frequency division multiplexed systems
13 7,209,418 Method for replacing defective block with good block to record data in optical disc apparatus
14 7,209,416 Method and apparatus for optical head and optical information reproducing
15 7,209,329 Heat sink and high thermal stability structure for CPP sensor
16 7,209,328 Magnetic read head and hard disk drive
17 7,209,327 Magnetoresistive head having magnetic domain control film in contact with underlayer and with ends of free layer
18 7,209,326 Magnetoresistive head and manufacturing method thereof
19 7,209,324 Sliders bonded by a debondable encapsulant containing styrene and butadiene polymers
20 7,209,314 Disk drive with phase-quadrature servo pattern and demodulated position error signal insensitive to timing and phase-misalignment errors
21 7,209,311 Data storage device and control method therefor to prevent off-track writing
22 7,209,309 Magnetic disk apparatus and method of controlling the same
23 7,209,305 Method for determining unique write inhibit thresholds for individual heads for maximizing file servo performance
24 7,209,211 Active matrix type liquid crystal display apparatus
25 7,209,206 Liquid crystal display device
26 7,209,194 Display device having metal heat diffusion member
27 7,209,190 Communication terminal device
28 7,209,169 Imaging system using solid-state CMOS imaging device
29 7,209,152 Signal processor for multiple gradations
30 7,209,103 Liquid crystal projector
31 7,208,999 Step-down circuit with stabilized output voltage
32 7,208,954 NMR analyzer
33 7,208,924 Semiconductor integrated circuit device
34 7,208,918 Vehicle rotating electric machine
35 7,208,883 Current detection circuit, and power supply apparatus, power supply system and electronic apparatus using the current detection circuit
36 7,208,877 Full color surface discharge type plasma display device
37 7,208,865 Display device and method of manufacturing the same
38 7,208,816 Electronic circuit device and manufacturing method thereof
39 7,208,731 Charged particle beam apparatus
40 7,208,728 Mass spectrometer
41 7,208,723 Image processing system which processes an image captured by an imaging device through a lens having a focus which is adjusted to a point beyond the glass
42 7,208,539 Thermosetting resin composition, and prepreg and laminated board using the same
43 7,208,422 Plasma processing method
44 7,208,351 Electronic device and method of manufacture the same
45 7,208,277 Method for correcting inter-pin spotting amount error for a microarray
46 7,208,113 Sealing material tablet method of manufacturing the tablet and electronic component device
47 7,208,105 Adhesive for circuit connection, circuit connection method using the same, and circuit connection structure
48 7,207,680 Projection display
49 7,207,314 Control circuit module, intake air passage body, engine electronic control device, and engine air intake system provided with the same
50 7,207,251 Cutter with laser generator that irradiates cutting position on workpiece to facilitate alignment of blade with cutting position
51 7,207,083 Electric vacuum cleaner
52 D541,277 Monitor for a computer