Hitachi patents granted on 24 January 2006

31 US patents granted on 24 January 2006 and assigned to Hitachi

1 6,990,605 Methods and apparatus for recovering work of one computer by another computers
2 6,990,584 Method of and apparatus for restricting copy of digital information, and apparatus for recording digital information
3 6,990,553 Method of controlling storage device controlling apparatus, and storage device controlling apparatus
4 6,990,351 Equipment for the calculation of mobile handset position
5 6,990,345 Method and apparatus for wireless position location
6 6,990,294 Optical network system with quality control function
7 6,990,231 Method and apparatus for forming and displaying projection image from a plurality of sectional images
8 6,990,133 Laser diode and manufacturing method thereof
9 6,990,002 Semiconductor device
10 6,989,971 Giant magnetoresistance (GMR) read head with reactive-ion-etch defined read width and fabrication process
11 6,989,969 Integrated lead suspension and method of construction
12 6,989,964 Magnetic head having a pole piece with a double pedestal structure
13 6,989,958 Screw attachment from exterior of disk drive enclosure for motors with mount bracket screw bolt pattern diameter larger than the motor hub outside diameter
14 6,989,957 Disk storage device
15 6,989,952 Magnetic recording disk drive with laminated media and improved media signal-to-noise ratio
16 6,989,881 Display device with signal line extended from display area to peripheral area being covered in peripheral area
17 6,989,844 Image display
18 6,989,599 Semiconductor device with layered interconnect structure
19 6,989,550 Distributed feedback semiconductor laser equipment employing a grating
20 6,989,535 Atomic force microscopy, method of measuring surface configuration using the same, and method of producing magnetic recording medium
21 6,989,531 Mass spectrometer
22 6,989,415 Modified fluoroplastic composition and modified fluoroplastic molded article
23 6,989,334 Manufacturing method of a semiconductor device
24 6,989,329 Method of manufacturing a wiring substrate and an electroless copper plating solution for providing interlayer connections
25 6,989,287 Method for producing nitride semiconductor, semiconductor wafer and semiconductor device
26 6,989,228 Method and apparatus for processing samples
27 6,989,218 Composite electrode material and method for producing the same, and electrochemical element using the same
28 6,989,212 Fuel cell, polyelectrolyte and ion-exchange resin used for same
29 6,988,668 IC card and method of manufacturing the same
30 6,988,399 Physical quantity detecting device having second lead conductors connected to the electrodes and extending to the circumference of the substrate
31 RE38,944 Semiconductor memory