Hitachi patents granted on 24 May 2011

51 US patents granted on 24 May 2011 and assigned to Hitachi

1 D638,423 External storage device
2 7,950,013 System for monitoring time proportion for interrupt or task processing with restriction placed in subsequent monitoring time period when allowable time proportion is exceed
3 7,949,896 Device for control of switching of storage system
4 7,949,892 Computer system and boot control method
5 7,949,882 Storage session management system in storage area network
6 7,949,847 Storage extent allocation method for thin provisioning storage
7 7,949,828 Data storage control on storage devices
8 7,949,827 Storage system and access count equalization method therefor
9 7,949,653 Stream data processing method and stream data processing system
10 7,949,220 Hybrid optical/electrical mixed circuit board
11 7,949,178 Pattern inspection method and its apparatus
12 7,949,170 Image processing method, image processing device, computer aided detection, and method for filtering along the time axis
13 7,948,861 Optical disk and recording method of visible figures into optical disk
14 7,948,858 Optical information processing apparatus, optical pick-up device and optical recording disc system
15 7,948,841 Diffraction grating, optical pickup device and optical disc apparatus
16 7,948,761 Display device
17 7,948,760 Transmission/reception optical module
18 7,948,742 Planar display device
19 7,948,701 Servo patterns for self-assembled island arrays
20 7,948,600 Manufacturing method of display device
21 7,948,598 Liquid crystal display device and manufacturing method thereof
22 7,948,587 Liquid crystal display device
23 7,948,581 Liquid crystal display
24 7,948,461 Image display device
25 7,948,397 Image recognition apparatuses, methods and programs
26 7,948,347 Multi-stage coil for transformer, and coil winding method and apparatus for manufacturing the same
27 7,948,217 Distributed generation system and power system stabilizing method
28 7,948,210 Battery pack and electric tool
29 7,948,140 Joint structure of electric wire, stator of rotary electric machine, method for manufacturing the same
30 7,948,088 Semiconductor device
31 7,948,086 Semiconductor device and a method of manufacturing the same and designing the same
32 7,948,080 Display device and manufacturing method of the same
33 7,948,075 Silicon nitride substrate, method of manufacturing the same, and silicon nitride circuit board and semiconductor module using the same
34 7,948,059 Dividable semiconductor device having ceramic substrate and surface mount components collectively sealed on principle surface of ceramic substrate
35 7,948,058 Semiconductor device and semiconductor integrated circuit device for driving plasma display using the semiconductor device
36 7,948,009 Nitride semiconductor epitaxial wafer and nitride semiconductor device
37 7,948,005 Insulated-gate bipolar transistor (IGBT)
38 7,947,964 Charged particle beam orbit corrector and charged particle beam apparatus
39 7,947,956 Fluorescent material, a method of manufacturing the fluorescent material, a radiation detector using the fluorescent material, and an X-ray CT scanner
40 7,947,779 Semiconductor device by adhering circuit substrate with adhesive film of epoxy resin, phenolic resin and incompatible polymer
41 7,947,395 Graphite particles and lithium secondary battery using the same as negative electrode
42 7,947,394 Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery-use cathode material, production method therefor, non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery-use cathode and non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery using the cathode material
43 7,947,332 Prepreg for printed wiring board, metal foil clad laminate and printed wiring board, and, method for manufacturing multi-layer printed wiring board
44 7,947,219 Process for manufacturing composite sintered machine components
45 7,947,189 Vacuum processing apparatus and vacuum processing method of sample
46 7,946,992 Velocity measuring method and velocity measuring device using the same
47 7,946,713 Display apparatus
48 7,946,710 Projection display
49 7,946,383 Acoustic load mitigator
50 7,946,274 Electromagnetic fuel injector and method for assembling the same
51 7,946,156 Glide test heads using heating elements to form a planar detection surface