Hitachi patents granted on 24 May 2016

52 US patents granted on 24 May 2016 and assigned to Hitachi

1 D756,738 Circular saw
2 9,351,425 Container-type data center
3 9,351,404 Electronic device
4 9,351,170 Renewable energy base station and coverage adjustment method therefor, and wireless cellular system
5 9,350,905 Image signal processing apparatus, image signal processing method, and image capturing apparatus
6 9,350,830 Wireless communication base station and wireless communication method
7 9,350,746 Transmission network system, transmission method, and authentication information device
8 9,350,669 Network apparatus, performance control method, and network system
9 9,350,571 Differential signal transmission cable and cable with connector
10 9,350,284 Power conversion device
11 9,350,228 Power conversion apparatus
12 9,350,206 Axial gap rotating electrical machine
13 9,350,019 Nonaqueous secondary battery and method of using the same
14 9,350,011 Secondary battery negative electrode material, secondary battery negative electrode, method for manufacturing secondary battery negative electrode material, and method for manufacturing secondary battery negative electrode
15 9,349,931 Resin composition, resin sheet, cured resin sheet, resin sheet laminate, cured resin sheet laminate and method for producing same, semiconductor device and LED device
16 9,349,847 Semiconductor device and power converter
17 9,349,603 Plasma processing method
18 9,349,587 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device and method of processing substrate and substrate processing apparatus
19 9,349,586 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device, substrate processing apparatus, substrate processing system and non-transitory computer-readable recording medium
20 9,349,572 Energy dispersive X-ray analyzer and method for energy dispersive X-ray analysis
21 9,349,567 Charged particle beam device
22 9,349,508 Multi-pair differential signal transmission cable
23 9,349,499 Insulated wire, and coil and motor formed using the insulated wire
24 9,349,416 Optical disk apparatus and disk magazine
25 9,349,348 System and methods for laser beam display
26 9,349,190 Ultrasound image processing apparatus
27 9,348,866 Database processing method, database processing system and database server
28 9,348,724 Method and apparatus for maintaining a workload service level on a converged platform
29 9,348,704 Electronic storage system utilizing a predetermined flag for subsequent processing of each predetermined portion of data requested to be stored in the storage system
30 9,348,628 Computer system
31 9,348,515 Computer system, management computer and storage management method for managing data configuration based on statistical information
32 9,348,378 Computer provided with cooling system
33 9,348,327 Work machine
34 9,348,223 Method for forming resin cured film pattern, photosensitive resin composition, photosensitive element, method for producing touch panel, and resin cured film
35 9,348,210 Projection apparatus and transparent screen for it
36 9,348,202 Lamp unit and projector employing same
37 9,348,140 Virtual image display device
38 9,347,966 Automatic analyzer
39 9,347,896 Cross-section processing-and-observation method and cross-section processing-and-observation apparatus
40 9,347,666 Combustor with fuel injector pegs for reducing combustion pressure oscillations
41 9,347,393 Fuel injection device
42 9,347,377 Gas turbine and gas-turbine plant having the same
43 9,347,366 Two-stroke engine and four-stroke engine
44 9,347,344 Variable-capacity oil pump and oil supply system using same
45 9,347,341 Apparatus and method for controlling variable valve timing mechanism
46 9,347,338 Gas compressor
47 9,347,203 Electric drive unit for construction machine
48 9,347,096 Genetic analyzer
49 9,346,978 Slurry, polishing-solution set, polishing solution, substrate polishing method, and substrate
50 9,346,977 Abrasive, abrasive set, and method for abrading substrate
51 9,346,485 Power steering apparatus and reduction mechanism for power steering
52 9,345,993 Cleaning apparatus for filtration layer in seawater infiltration intake