Hitachi patents granted on 24 October 2006

62 US patents granted on 24 October 2006 and assigned to Hitachi

1 D530,691 Digital video disc recorder with hard disk recorder
2 7,127,723 Information processing apparatus with multiple operating systems
3 7,127,717 Hierarchical server system
4 7,127,660 Method, apparatus and program storage device for correcting a burst of errors together with a random error using shortened cyclic codes
5 7,127,645 Skew compensation method
6 7,127,635 Method for correcting a program running on a computer system
7 7,127,585 Storage having logical partitioning capability and systems which include the storage
8 7,127,583 Disk control system and control method of disk control system
9 7,127,581 Data-migration method
10 7,127,578 Storage device and information management system
11 7,127,575 Offsite management using disk based tape library and vault system
12 7,127,568 Throttling in storage systems
13 7,127,558 Virtualization controller, access path control method and computer system
14 7,127,555 Method for analyzing performance information
15 7,127,543 Access control apparatus and access control method
16 7,127,502 Communication proxy device
17 7,127,462 Method and apparatus for managing a database and processing program therefor
18 7,127,445 Data mapping management apparatus
19 7,127,374 Electric power generating facility operation remote supporting method and electric power generating facility operation remote supporting system
20 7,127,354 Method of displaying gene data, and recording medium
21 7,127,329 Power generation plant remote operation system
22 7,127,170 Optical frequency division multiplexing network
23 7,127,126 Image alignment method, comparative inspection method, and comparative inspection device for comparative inspections
24 7,127,107 Land partition data generating method and apparatus
25 7,127,098 Image detection method and its apparatus and defect detection method and its apparatus
26 7,127,026 Radiological imaging apparatus and radiological imaging method and radiological imaging support method
27 7,127,019 Methods and apparatus for implementing multi-tone receivers
28 7,126,924 Radio base station/radio base station controller equipped with inactivity timer, mobile station, and state control method
29 7,126,906 Optical record carrier, drive unit, data updating method and software version-up method
30 7,126,885 Apparatus for patterning recording media
31 7,126,868 Semiconductor device
32 7,126,802 Drive circuit for switching device
33 7,126,796 Read sensor with overlaying lead layer top surface portions interfaced by hard bias and tapered lead layers
34 7,126,787 System and method for hard disk drive with disk clamp annular rim inner wall engaging hub annular recess outer wall
35 7,126,784 Concurrent data recording and reproducing method, seek operation control method and magnetic disk drive using the methods
36 7,126,780 Method, system, and article of manufacture for self-servowriting a disk
37 7,126,777 Disk drive with selectable power source for heater in a slider
38 7,126,773 Write precompensation method for perpendicular magnetic recording
39 7,126,772 Data storage device and servo information writing method
40 7,126,697 Method and apparatus for determining endpoint of semiconductor element fabricating process
41 7,126,659 Liquid crystal display device
42 7,126,617 Method of driving display apparatus and plasma display apparatus
43 7,126,562 Plasma display panel with constant color temperature or color deviation
44 7,126,525 Millimeter wave-radar and method for manufacturing the same
45 7,126,502 Techniques for using interleaved encoders to obtain modulation constraints
46 7,126,448 Superconducting magnet apparatus and magnetic resonance imaging apparatus using the same
47 7,126,336 Nuclear magnetic resonance apparatus having a controllable detector
48 7,126,335 Nuclear magnetic resonance measuring apparatus
49 7,126,308 Interface circuit with power converter with interface circuit and electric vehicle with power converter
50 7,126,140 Multi-electron beam exposure method and apparatus
51 7,126,120 Electron microscope
52 7,126,113 Mass spectrometry system
53 7,125,730 Power supply, a semiconductor making apparatus and a semiconductor wafer fabricating method using the same
54 7,125,629 Cationic conductor
55 7,125,616 Magnetic recording disk with antiferromagnetically-coupled magnetic layer having multiple lower layers
56 7,125,467 Slider processing system utilizing polyvinyl alcohol release layer
57 7,125,387 Ultrasonic apparatus for therapeutical use
58 7,124,749 Air transfer apparatus and control method of air transfer apparatus
59 7,124,738 Damper mechanism and high pressure fuel pump
60 7,124,735 Fuel injection valve and its apparatus, method for manufacturing internal combustion engine and fuel injection valve and its nozzle body, and method for manufacturing the same
61 7,124,714 Fuel supply apparatus using low boiling point fuel and its control method
62 7,124,625 Glide-height disk-tester and method of operation