Hitachi patents granted on 25 August 2015

35 US patents granted on 25 August 2015 and assigned to Hitachi

1 9,119,310 Photosensitive conductive film, method for forming conductive film, method for forming conductive pattern, and conductive film substrate
2 9,119,004 Wireless device
3 9,118,924 Image decoding device and method thereof using inter-coded predictive encoding code
4 9,118,896 Digital contents receiver, digital contents receiving method and digital contents transmitting and receiving method
5 9,118,839 Personal identification system
6 9,118,609 Communication apparatus and communication system for enhancing speed of communication between terminals
7 9,118,382 Relay apparatus for broadcast waves
8 9,118,173 Digital Protection control system and digital protection control apparatus
9 9,118,087 Electrode for lithium secondary battery
10 9,118,031 Organic light-emitting device, coating liquid for forming organic light-emitting device, material for forming organic light-emitting device, light source device using organic light-emitting device, and organic light-emitting device producing method
11 9,117,862 Substrate processing apparatus, processing tube, substrate holder, fixing part of the substrate holder, substrate processing method, and substrate manufacturing method
12 9,117,836 Silicon carbide semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
13 9,117,724 Solid-state image sensing device
14 9,117,572 Foamed coaxial cable and multicore cable
15 9,117,554 Core shroud weld inspection systems and methods
16 9,116,913 File storage system and file cloning method
17 9,116,874 Virtual machine test system, virtual machine test method
18 9,116,859 Disk array system having a plurality of chassis and path connection method
19 9,116,858 Direct memory access with conversion or reverse conversion of data
20 9,116,632 Storage management system
21 9,116,622 Storage system having nonvolatile semiconductor storage device with nonvolatile semiconductor memory
22 9,116,521 Autonomous moving device and control method thereof
23 9,116,349 Image display device
24 9,116,314 Photoelectric conversion device
25 9,116,176 Optical current transformer for gas-insulated apparatus
26 9,115,899 Gas turbine combustor and method for operating same
27 9,115,895 Flue gas desulfurization
28 9,115,719 Scroll fluid machine with cooling fan and passage
29 9,115,611 Variable valve operating apparatus for internal combustion engine
30 9,115,420 Thermoelectric material formed of Mg.sub.2Si-based compound and production method therefor
31 9,115,254 Resin composition, foamed resin using same, and electric wire insulated with foamed resin
32 9,114,970 Dispensing device and nucleic acid analyzer
33 9,114,519 Electric rotating tool
34 9,114,407 Centrifugal separator with rotor having plurality of triangular-shaped holding cavities and rotor for use in centrifugal separator
35 9,114,391 Method for removing arsenic compound, method for regenerating NOx removal catalyst, and NOx removal catalyst