Hitachi patents granted on 25 December 2007

25 US patents granted on 25 December 2007 and assigned to Hitachi

1 7,313,799 Objective-lens driving apparatus and optical disk apparatus
2 7,313,787 Compiler and method for optimizing object codes for hierarchical memories
3 7,313,722 System and method for failover
4 7,313,664 Apparatus and system for controlling access to a data storage device
5 7,313,663 Storage system and data processing system
6 7,313,662 Computer system
7 7,313,659 System and method for managing storage and program for the same for executing an operation procedure for the storage according to an operation rule
8 7,313,650 Server and method for managing volume storing digital archive
9 7,313,637 Fabric and method for sharing an I/O device among virtual machines formed in a computer system
10 7,313,624 Method and system for providing an on-line service and computer readable storage medium
11 7,313,579 Network storage system and handover method between plurality of network storage devices
12 7,313,473 Control device and control method for a vehicle
13 7,312,941 Disk drive with head-disk interaction sensor integrated with suspension
14 7,312,939 System, method, and apparatus for forming a patterned media disk and related disk drive architecture for head positioning
15 7,312,791 Display unit with touch panel
16 7,312,545 Controller for electric power steering and electric power steering system
17 7,312,542 Linear motor and manufacturing method thereof
18 7,312,528 Semiconductor device having antenna connection electrodes
19 7,312,438 Radiological imaging apparatus and timing correction method therefor
20 7,311,953 Colored composition for color filter and display using color filters formed of the colored composition
21 7,311,881 Chips, and apparatus and method for reaction analysis
22 7,311,855 Polishing slurry for chemical mechanical polishing and method for polishing substrate
23 7,311,653 Centrifugal separator having a structure for facilitating opening and closing a door
24 7,311,071 Variable valve timing control apparatus of internal combustion engine
25 7,311,070 Variable valve system of internal combustion engine and method of assembling same