Hitachi patents granted on 25 January 2011

61 US patents granted on 25 January 2011 and assigned to Hitachi

1 7,877,782 Method and apparatus for configuration management of computer system
2 7,877,761 Optical disc apparatus
3 7,877,633 Highly reliable storage system and internal network thereof
4 7,877,632 Storage control apparatus and failure recovery method for storage control apparatus
5 7,877,568 Virtualization controller and data transfer control method
6 7,877,560 Storage system with automated resource allocation
7 7,877,556 Method and apparatus for a unified storage system
8 7,877,526 Data processing system having a channel adapter shared by multiple operating systems
9 7,877,520 Storage device and method of setting configuration information of same
10 7,877,361 Management device and method for storage device executing CDP-based recovery
11 7,877,359 Backup executability judging system
12 7,877,196 Road congestion detection by distributed vehicle-to-vehicle communication systems
13 7,877,129 Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and RF reception coil apparatus
14 7,877,125 Portable terminal device
15 7,877,085 Portable electronic device capable of receiving distributed contents, content information server, and content list providing method for content distribution system and recording medium recording program for providing content list
16 7,877,011 Optical switch and optical crossconnect apparatus
17 7,876,988 Optical fiber mounting waveguide device and method for fabricating same
18 7,876,984 Planar optical waveguide array module and method of fabricating the same
19 7,876,929 Personal identification device
20 7,876,874 Radiographing apparatus and image processing program
21 7,876,872 Reactor power control apparatus of natural circulation reactor and method for controlling reactor power of natural circulation reactor
22 7,876,778 Packet transfer apparatus
23 7,876,667 Optical information recording medium, and information recording method and information reproducing method using the same
24 7,876,659 Optical pickup and optical drive
25 7,876,653 Recording and reproducing apparatus and receiving apparatus
26 7,876,627 Semiconductor memory device having a sense amplifier circuit with decreased offset
27 7,876,557 Disk array device
28 7,876,556 Disk array system
29 7,876,553 Flat-panel display apparatus
30 7,876,536 Multilayered film having crystal grains grown at an inclination to a substrate, and magnetoresistive head using the film
31 7,876,530 Magnetic recording medium having a cobalt-based alloy film for high density recording and magnetic storage device using same
32 7,876,528 Disk drive device and manufacturing method thereof
33 7,876,527 Magnetic disk device
34 7,876,431 Foreign matter inspection apparatus and foreign matter inspection method
35 7,876,416 Liquid crystal display device
36 7,876,391 Liquid crystal display device
37 7,876,301 Image displaying method, image displaying device, and contrast-adjusting circuit for use therewith
38 7,876,221 Seal having an IC tag and method of attaching the same
39 7,876,113 Method of inspecting pattern and inspecting instrument
40 7,876,069 Electrical power unit
41 7,876,050 Plasma display panel, and substrate assembly of plasma display panel
42 7,876,031 Piezoelectric thin-film acoustic wave device and information processing unit using the same
43 7,876,012 Dynamo electric machine with an alloy member
44 7,875,868 Charged particle beam irradiation system
45 7,875,858 Charged particle beam trajectory corrector and charged particle beam apparatus
46 7,875,850 Standard component for calibration and electron-beam system using the same
47 7,875,849 Electron beam apparatus and electron beam inspection method
48 7,875,848 Ion trap, mass spectrometer, and ion mobility analyzer
49 7,875,509 Manufacturing method of semiconductor apparatus and semiconductor apparatus, power converter using the same
50 7,875,500 Bonding semiconductor wafer stuck on dicing tape laminated adhesive sheet onto mounting support
51 7,875,387 Electrode for use in electrochemical device, solid electrolyte/electrode assembly, and production method thereof
52 7,875,373 Perpendicular magnetic recording medium and magnetic storage apparatus using the same
53 7,875,372 Perpendicular magnetic recording medium and method of manufacturing the same
54 7,875,371 Perpendicular magnetic recording medium, manufacturing process of the same, and magnetic recording/reproducing apparatus using the same
55 7,875,156 Probe storage container, prober apparatus, probe arranging method and manufacturing method of probe storage container
56 7,874,973 Centrifuge with steam sterilization
57 7,874,972 Centrifuge with lid locking mechanism
58 7,874,848 Connector for inserting wiring board, and method for manufacturing the same
59 7,874,389 Flexible hybrid drive system for vehicle stability control
60 7,874,075 Portable cutting machine
61 7,874,070 Injection valve and method of making orifice