Hitachi patents granted on 25 November 2014

32 US patents granted on 25 November 2014 and assigned to Hitachi

1 D718,360 Video camera
2 8,898,675 Method of calculating processor utilization rate in SMT processor
3 8,898,649 Application program analysis method, analysis system and recording medium for identifying a contributing factor for an invalid operation of an application program
4 8,898,545 Semiconductor storage device and control method of nonvolatile memory
5 8,898,404 Memory management method and computer
6 8,898,384 Fast accessible compressed thin provisioning volume
7 8,898,383 Apparatus for reallocating logical to physical disk devices using a storage controller and method of the same
8 8,898,312 Element terminal and communication system
9 8,898,189 Database management method, computer, sensor network system and time-series data management method
10 8,897,906 Wafer processing based on sensor detection and system learning
11 8,897,644 Optical line terminal and optical network system
12 8,897,161 Wireless communication system and base station
13 8,897,006 Cooling technique for a storage system
14 8,896,638 Liquid crystal display device and backlight control method
15 8,896,490 Three-axis antenna and core assembly used therein
16 8,896,406 Laminated coil
17 8,896,273 Battery apparatus for controlling plural batteries and control method of plural batteries
18 8,896,261 Doubly-fed generator and doubly-fed electric machine
19 8,896,187 Piezoelectric film and method for manufacturing the same, piezoelectric film element and method for manufacturing the same, and piezoelectric film device
20 8,896,027 Nitride semiconductor diode
21 8,895,460 Glass composition, electrically conductive paste composition comprising same, electrode wiring member, and electronic component
22 8,895,457 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device and substrate processing apparatus
23 8,895,455 Method for manufacturing semiconductor device and substrate processing apparatus
24 8,895,296 Analyzer
25 8,895,246 Nucleic acid detection method
26 8,895,186 Anode for lithium-ion rechargeable battery and lithium-ion rechargeable battery including same
27 8,895,182 Battery pack and power tool provided with the same
28 8,895,089 Sealed battery
29 8,894,916 Method for producing aluminum-titanate-based ceramic honeycomb structure
30 8,894,757 CO.sub.2 capture system by chemical absorption
31 8,894,396 Pump apparatus with pressing means
32 8,893,516 Magnetic resonance imaging device and method of replacing a cryo-cooler therein