Hitachi patents granted on 25 October 2011

69 US patents granted on 25 October 2011 and assigned to Hitachi

1 8,046,836 Method for device quarantine and quarantine network system
2 8,046,785 Objective lens actuator and a disc apparatus applying the same therein
3 8,046,769 Load state monitoring apparatus and load state monitoring method
4 8,046,764 Redistribution of unused resources assigned to a first virtual computer having usage below a predetermined threshold to a second virtual computer
5 8,046,632 Backup management method based on mode of failure
6 8,046,627 Server failover control method and apparatus and computer system group
7 8,046,562 Storage apparatus having virtual-to-actual device addressing scheme
8 8,046,555 Method of mirroring data between clustered NAS systems
9 8,046,554 Storage subsystem and performance tuning method
10 8,046,549 Storage controller, control method of the same, and information processing system
11 8,046,536 Apparatus and method for managing a plurality of kinds of storage devices
12 8,046,535 Data processing system and storage area allocation method thereof
13 8,046,531 Storage apparatus, management apparatus, and method of controlling storage apparatus
14 8,046,521 Computer virtualization apparatus and program and method therefor
15 8,046,520 Compound computer system and method for sharing PCI devices thereof
16 8,046,466 System and method for managing resources
17 8,046,449 Contents management system and contents management method
18 8,046,421 High performance storage access environment
19 8,046,392 Storage system and information transfer method for the same
20 8,046,391 Storage apparatus and its file control method and storage system
21 8,046,368 Document retrieval system and document retrieval method
22 8,046,252 Sales plan evaluation support system
23 8,046,087 Electronic controller for power converter and motor drive circuit
24 8,045,789 Method and apparatus for inspecting defect of pattern formed on semiconductor device
25 8,045,710 Broadcasting method and broadcast receiver
26 8,045,435 Optical disc apparatus and method for writing data using laser beam
27 8,045,431 Signal conversion module and optical disc apparatus using the same
28 8,045,322 Solid insulated bus switchgear
29 8,045,311 Load driving and diagnosis system and control method
30 8,045,299 Method and apparatus for oxidizing conductive redeposition in TMR sensors
31 8,045,298 Three terminal magnetic sensing device having a track width defined in a localized region by a patterned insulator and methods of making the same
32 8,045,297 Flex cable and method for lowering flex cable impedance
33 8,045,288 Tape drive with cartridge thickness detecting sensors
34 8,045,279 Molded lens and molding tool
35 8,045,149 Apparatus for detecting defects using multiple coordinate systems
36 8,045,148 System for monitoring foreign particles, process processing apparatus and method of electronic commerce
37 8,045,146 Method and apparatus for reviewing defect
38 8,045,123 Display device with peel-preventing pattern
39 8,045,116 Liquid crystal display device
40 8,045,108 Liquid crystal display device
41 8,045,101 Liquid crystal display and display
42 8,045,020 Imaging apparatus having specific mode switching sequence and hard disk drive appearance to externally-connected devices
43 8,044,904 Display device
44 8,044,888 Surface discharge type plasma display panel divided into a plurality of sub-screens
45 8,044,880 Projection type image display device
46 8,044,618 Control apparatus for AC motor
47 8,044,590 Plasma display panel
48 8,044,524 Adhesive for connection of circuit member and semiconductor device using the same
49 8,044,509 Semiconductor device
50 8,044,492 Compound semiconductor device including AIN layer of controlled skewness
51 8,044,488 Semiconductor device having particular impurity density characteristics
52 8,044,379 Well-aligned, high aspect-ratio, high-density silicon nanowires and methods of making the same
53 8,044,369 Electrostatic deflection control circuit and method of electronic beam measuring apparatus
54 8,044,352 Electron microscopy
55 8,044,349 Mass spectrometer
56 8,043,852 Monoclonal antibody specific to dentin-derived heparan sulfate
57 8,043,747 Binder resin composition for nonaqueous electrolyte energy device electrode, nonaqueous electrolyte energy device electrode, and nonaqueous electrolyte energy device
58 8,043,740 Flat-shaped battery
59 8,043,709 Circuit connecting material, film-like circuit connecting material using the same, circuit member connecting structure, and method of producing the same
60 8,043,522 Ferrite material and method for producing ferrite material
61 8,043,493 Multi-capillary array electrophoresis device
62 8,043,438 Device for cleaning CVD device and method of cleaning CVD device
63 8,043,431 Substrate processing apparatus and method for manufacturing a semiconductor device
64 8,043,220 Ultrasonograph
65 8,043,216 Method of displaying elastic image and diagnostic ultrasound system
66 8,043,068 Ni-Fe based super alloy, process of producing the same and gas turbine
67 8,042,876 Transporter vehicle
68 8,042,656 Disk brake
69 8,042,604 Temperature regulating member