Hitachi patents granted on 25 September 2007

40 US patents granted on 25 September 2007 and assigned to Hitachi

1 7,275,178 Computer system having failure recovery function, and failure recovery method thereof
2 7,275,147 Method and apparatus for data alignment and parsing in SIMD computer architecture
3 7,275,138 System and method for controlling the updating of storage device
4 7,275,133 Storage system
5 7,275,100 Failure notification method and system using remote mirroring for clustering systems
6 7,275,090 Log accumulation device with user accuracy setting means and pseudo-information generating means
7 7,275,072 Data processing system and method with data sharing for the same
8 7,275,057 Method for reducing communication data amount in business to business electronic commerce
9 7,275,050 Storage system, a method of file data backup and method of copying of file data
10 7,274,923 Wireless communication system
11 7,274,813 Defect inspection method and apparatus
12 7,274,730 QoS control method for transmission data for radio transmitter and radio receiver using the method
13 7,274,729 Spread spectrum communication device and communication system
14 7,274,643 Information recording and reproducing apparatus and information recording medium
15 7,274,626 Magneto-optical recording using a heating element
16 7,274,625 Display device
17 7,274,565 Information processing unit and information processing related units
18 7,274,542 Magnetic sensor having a free layer containing a single magnetic domain
19 7,274,541 Magnetic thin film head, the fabrication method, and magnetic disk
20 7,274,529 Disk drive with adaptive actuator braking upon unexpected power loss
21 7,274,415 Display device
22 7,274,411 Liquid crystal display device
23 7,274,362 Active matrix display device
24 7,274,342 Drive circuit and plasma display device
25 7,274,157 Lamp operation controller and controlling method of lamp operation
26 7,274,140 Organic EL display device
27 7,274,021 Coincidence counting method of .gamma.ray and nuclear medicine diagnostic apparatus
28 7,274,017 Electron beam apparatus and high-voltage discharge prevention method
29 7,273,900 Resin composition, prepreg, laminate sheet and printed wiring board using the same and method for production thereof
30 7,273,704 Method of detecting nucleic acid by using DNA microarrays and nucleic acid detection apparatus
31 7,273,702 Apparatus for purifying nucleic acid and method of purifying nucleic acid
32 7,273,681 Non-aqueous secondary battery having negative electrode including graphite powder
33 7,273,677 Cationic conductor
34 7,273,667 Longitudinal multi-layer magnetic recording medium
35 7,273,654 Punched adhesive tape for semiconductor, method of manufacturing lead frame with the adhesive tape, lead frame with the adhesive tape, and semiconductor device comprising the lead frame
36 7,273,652 Hollow carbon fiber and production method
37 7,273,527 Production method for powdered core
38 7,273,124 Prime mover control device of construction machine
39 7,272,928 Hydraulic circuit of construction machinery
40 7,272,883 Methods of forming an electrical connection in a magnetic head using a damascene process