Hitachi patents granted on 26 February 2008

52 US patents granted on 26 February 2008 and assigned to Hitachi

1 7,337,465 Peer-to-peer communication apparatus and communication method
2 7,337,374 Program, information processing method, information processing apparatus, and storage apparatus
3 7,337,353 Fault recovery method in a system having a plurality of storage systems
4 7,337,350 Clustered storage system with external storage systems
5 7,337,321 Digital content protection using invisible and visible watermarks
6 7,337,299 Storage apparatus having virtual-to-actual device addressing scheme
7 7,337,292 Method and apparatus for data relocation between storage subsystems
8 7,337,287 Storage unit, storage unit control method, and storage system
9 7,337,283 Method and system for managing storage reservation
10 7,337,281 Storage system and data caching method in the system
11 7,337,264 Storage control system and method which converts file level data into block level data which is stored at different destinations based on metadata of files being managed
12 7,337,244 Data transfer apparatus, storage device control apparatus and control method using storage device control apparatus
13 7,337,200 Storage sub-system having expanded data read
14 7,337,187 XML document classifying method for storage system
15 7,337,071 Information processing system using base sequence-related information
16 7,337,046 Automotive control apparatus and method
17 7,336,865 Optical switch
18 7,336,816 Method and apparatus for measuring shape of bumps
19 7,336,786 Reproduction apparatus
20 7,336,740 Radio signal receiving method and radio signal receiver
21 7,336,697 Code division multiple access mobile communication system
22 7,336,664 Data processing device and its input/output method and program
23 7,336,535 Semiconductor integrated circuit device
24 7,336,519 Stacked integrated circuit device/data processor device having a flash memory formed on top of a buffer memory
25 7,336,445 Conductive stud for magnetic recording devices and method of making the same
26 7,336,440 Magnetic disc unit with gap between magnetic disc and shroud
27 7,336,434 Predictive failure analysis of thermal flying height control system and method
28 7,336,410 High-definition pixel structure of electrochromic displays and method of producing the same
29 7,336,322 Image display apparatus
30 7,336,252 Display device
31 7,336,247 Image display device
32 7,336,239 Small multi-mode antenna and RF module using the same
33 7,336,156 Communication apparatus, communication method and installation method of railway vehicle-facility intra communication system
34 7,336,125 Power amplifier and transmitter
35 7,336,118 Inverter apparatus
36 7,336,077 Magnet for NMR analyzer and NMR analyzer using the same
37 7,336,036 Organic electroluminescent display device
38 7,336,008 Weld joining portion of a vehicle alternator
39 7,335,928 Semiconductor device having a metal conductor in ohmic contact with the gate region on the bottom of each the first groove
40 7,335,915 Image displaying device and method for manufacturing same
41 7,335,907 Memory device
42 7,335,881 Method of measuring dimensions of pattern
43 7,335,447 Graphite particles and lithium secondary battery using the same as negative electrode
44 7,335,418 Semiconductor nanoparticle having high luminescence properties comprising an electron-donor group and a multilayered coating comprising a hydrophobic group
45 7,335,277 Vacuum processing apparatus
46 7,334,993 Gas turbine rotor blade, gas turbine using the rotor blade, and power plant using the gas turbine
47 7,334,736 Antenna-coil design apparatus and design method
48 7,334,734 Non-contact IC module
49 7,334,715 Electric fastener driver
50 7,334,563 Fuel injector and in-cylinder direct-injection gasoline engine
51 7,334,417 Air conditioner and power line communication system
52 D562,795 Mobile telephone