Hitachi patents granted on 26 January 2016

39 US patents granted on 26 January 2016 and assigned to Hitachi

1 D748,267 Filter sheet for a cell collecting cartridge
2 D748,056 Adapter plate
3 9,247,675 Power converter
4 9,247,652 Adhesive composition, electronic-component-mounted substrate and semiconductor device using the adhesive composition
5 9,247,252 Image decoding device
6 9,247,221 Scanning type projector
7 9,247,189 Optical module and scan-type image projection display device
8 9,247,111 Imaging device using an optical phase filter that moduates a optical transfer function of an optical image of an object
9 9,247,025 Method and device for guaranteeing performance in stream data processing
10 9,246,777 Computer program and monitoring apparatus
11 9,246,581 Communication light detecting structure, communication light detecting optical connector including the communication light detecting structure, and communication light detecting optical cable including the communication light detecting structure
12 9,246,527 Medical diagnostic signal detection apparatus and medical diagnostic signal detection method
13 9,246,408 Power conversion apparatus
14 9,246,337 Battery pack and battery pack controller
15 9,246,076 Thermoelectric conversion module and production method therefor
16 9,245,780 Vacuum processing apparatus and operating method of the same
17 9,245,745 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device, method of processing substrate, substrate processing apparatus and non-transitory computer-readable recording medium
18 9,245,713 Charged particle beam apparatus
19 9,245,712 Focused ion beam system
20 9,245,711 Charged particle beam apparatus and image forming method
21 9,245,710 Charged particle beam device
22 9,245,482 Image display device
23 9,245,401 Banknote handling device
24 9,245,323 Medical diagnostic device and method of improving image quality of medical diagnostic device
25 9,244,800 Management system for managing computer system comprising multiple monitoring-target devices
26 9,244,737 Data transfer control method of parallel distributed processing system, parallel distributed processing system, and recording medium
27 9,244,721 Computer system and divided job processing method and program
28 9,244,703 Server system and management unit identifying a plurality of business application software on a virtual machine based on a program boundary for dynamic resource allocation
29 9,244,622 Storage system having a plurality of flash packages
30 9,244,616 Management system and management method of storage system that performs control based on required performance assigned to virtual volume
31 9,244,447 Substrate processing apparatus, substrate processing method, non-transitory computer-readable recording medium, and substrate transfer method
32 9,244,088 Automated analyzer
33 9,243,632 Variable displacement oil pump
34 9,242,949 Method for producing alkanediol monoglycidyl ether (meth)acrylate
35 9,242,626 Brake device
36 9,242,589 Dump truck body hoisting state display device
37 9,242,378 System and method for determing necessity of map data recreation in robot operation
38 9,241,685 Ultrasonic imaging apparatus and three-dimensional image display method using ultrasonic image
39 9,241,684 Ultrasonic diagnosis arrangements for comparing same time phase images of a periodically moving target