Hitachi patents granted on 26 July 2011

41 US patents granted on 26 July 2011 and assigned to Hitachi

1 7,987,466 Storage system
2 7,987,387 File sharing system and method for storing and managing failure information based on statuses of a main control and a power supply
3 7,987,329 Storage system and method of controlling the same
4 7,987,328 Data archive system
5 7,987,299 Data processing apparatus and method thereof
6 7,987,256 Storage network system, managing apparatus, managing method and program
7 7,987,206 File-sharing system and method of using file-sharing system to generate single logical directory structure
8 7,987,075 Apparatus and method to develop multi-core microcomputer-based systems
9 7,987,044 Control device for internal combustion engine
10 7,987,033 Method for determining the morphology of an occupant in an automotive seat with capacitive sensors
11 7,986,985 Portable electronic device with a sliding mechanism for a component thereof
12 7,986,812 On-vehicle camera with two or more angles of view
13 7,986,763 Radiological imaging apparatus
14 7,986,760 Method and apparatus for permissive control of a mast and grapple
15 7,986,592 Components and assembly procedure for thermal assisted recording
16 7,986,496 Disk drive device and ramp used therefor
17 7,986,491 Hard disk drive with disk separator for creating axial gaps between disks for access by read/write heads
18 7,986,490 Reduce leakage of low-density gas during low-density gas injection into a disk drive
19 7,986,488 Magnetic recording disk and disk drive with alternating single-polarity position error signal (PES) blocks for read/write head positioning
20 7,986,486 Hard-disk drive, method of controlling the hard-disk drive, and method of manufacturing the hard-disk drive
21 7,986,484 Method and system for fabricating a data storage medium
22 7,986,480 Micro-journaling of data on a storage device
23 7,986,405 Foreign matter inspection method and foreign matter inspection apparatus
24 7,986,376 Liquid crystal display device
25 7,986,354 Method for correcting pixel defect of image pickup device
26 7,986,297 Image display apparatus utilizing electrophoresis
27 7,986,292 Liquid crystal display device employing an analog interface to which a gradation voltage is input from outside
28 7,986,289 Liquid crystal display device
29 7,986,243 Sensor drive control method and sensor-equipped radio terminal device
30 7,986,205 Magnetic field control method and magnetic field generator
31 7,986,075 Film bulk acoustic wave resonator, its fabrication method and film bulk acoustic wave resonator filter using the resonator
32 7,986,037 Low noise semiconductor device
33 7,986,030 Nitride semiconductor substrate
34 7,985,991 MOSFET package
35 7,985,952 Charged particle spin polarimeter, microscope, and photoelectron spectroscope
36 7,985,384 Analysis kit for living organism and chemical reaction
37 7,985,280 Separation of aqueous ammonia components for NO.sub.x reduction
38 7,985,092 Connection structure
39 7,985,045 Steam turbines, seals, and control methods therefor
40 7,984,707 Ignition coil device for internal combustion engine
41 7,984,545 Approaches for manufacturing a head gimbal assembly