Hitachi patents granted on 26 June 2007

42 US patents granted on 26 June 2007 and assigned to Hitachi

1 D545,309 Computer
2 7,237,083 Storage control system
3 7,237,079 Data migration method and a data migration apparatus
4 7,237,078 Remote copy system
5 7,237,076 Method of maintaining a plurality of snapshots, server apparatus and storage apparatus
6 7,237,066 Cache memory managing method for computer system
7 7,237,063 Volume providing system and method
8 7,237,005 Job network setup method, job network execution method, job management system, management terminal and program
9 7,236,992 Storage system
10 7,236,968 Question-answering method and question-answering apparatus
11 7,236,879 Method for calculating the position of a mobile terminal, positioning system, and position calculation apparatus
12 7,236,856 Operation-assisting system and operation-assisting computer program
13 7,236,651 Image evaluation method and microscope
14 7,236,635 Encoding and decoding method and apparatus using plus and/or minus rounding of images
15 7,236,569 X-ray tube
16 7,236,487 System for and method of exchanging server data in packet unit
17 7,236,447 Optical disk, method of playing optical disk, and optical disk drive
18 7,236,433 System and method of recording and reproducing information
19 7,236,422 Image display device and the driver circuit thereof
20 7,236,373 Electronic device capable of preventing electromagnetic wave from being radiated
21 7,236,336 Method and apparatus for providing a free layer having higher saturation field capability and optimum sensitivity
22 7,236,334 Repeatable ESD protection utilizing a process for unshorting a first shorting material between electrical pads and reshorting by recreating the short
23 7,236,332 Thermally assisted recording of magnetic using an in-gap optical resonant cavity
24 7,236,330 Disk head stability system
25 7,236,328 Method for producing a transducer slider with tapered edges
26 7,236,325 Method for formatting a magnetic recording disk with patterned nondata islands of alternating polarity
27 7,236,324 Apparatus, method and system for fabricating servo patterns on high density patterned media
28 7,236,323 Method and apparatus for providing combined radial and timing multislot self-servowrite propagation
29 7,236,321 Method for preventing data loss in a hard disk drive by projecting reduction in helium concentration using insitu non-repeatable runout
30 7,235,967 Eddy current testing probe and eddy current testing apparatus
31 7,235,963 Electronic control type throttle valve apparatus, non-contact type rotation angle detecting apparatus used in electronic control type throttle valve apparatus etc. and signal processing apparatus for hall element
32 7,235,897 Power supply unit for automobiles, which can provide braking force even when abnormality occurs in the power supply unit of electrically driven brake devices
33 7,235,798 Focused ion beam apparatus
34 7,235,784 Transmission electron microscope and image observation method using it
35 7,235,782 Semiconductor inspection system
36 7,235,774 Optical module
37 7,235,324 Catalyst material and method of manufacturing the same and fuel cell using the same
38 7,235,006 Power tool with dust collection function
39 7,234,945 Display apparatus
40 7,234,871 Sliding bearing for use under high load
41 7,234,646 Heat pump hot-water supply system
42 7,234,638 Method and apparatus for performing benefit transactions using a portable integrated circuit device