Hitachi patents granted on 26 June 2012

61 US patents granted on 26 June 2012 and assigned to Hitachi

1 8,209,697 Resource allocation method for a physical computer used by a back end server including calculating database resource cost based on SQL process type
2 8,209,595 Storage sub-system and method for controlling the same
3 8,209,594 Sending device, receiving device, communication control device, communication system, and communication control method
4 8,209,578 Systems using low density parity check codes for correcting errors
5 8,209,534 Contents transmitter apparatus, contents receiver apparatus and contents transmitting method
6 8,209,511 Storage management apparatus, a storage management method and a storage management program
7 8,209,507 Storage device and information management system
8 8,209,505 Storage system and method of taking over logical unit in storage system
9 8,209,498 Method and system for transferring duplicate files in hierarchical storage management system
10 8,209,495 Storage management method and storage management system
11 8,209,484 Computer and method for managing storage apparatus
12 8,209,482 Method for analyzing performance information
13 8,209,366 Method, apparatus and program storage device that provides a shift process with saturation for digital signal processor operations
14 8,209,297 Data processing device and method
15 8,209,292 Hierarchical management storage system and storage system operating method
16 8,209,135 Wafer inspection data handling and defect review tool
17 8,209,040 Plant control apparatus
18 8,208,992 Image diagnosis support device and image diagnosis support program
19 8,208,691 Personal authentication device
20 8,208,600 X-ray generating apparatus and X-ray CT apparatus using the same
21 8,208,448 Dedicated channel entry method
22 8,208,432 Communication equipment
23 8,208,411 Telephone system, server and proxy response telephone
24 8,208,358 Optical information recording method, optical information reproduction method and optical disk device
25 8,208,356 Optical checking method and apparatus for defects in magnetic disks
26 8,208,354 Optical disc apparatus, driving method of optical disc apparatus
27 8,208,353 Disk apparatus
28 8,208,228 Current-perpendicular-to-the-plane (CPP) magnetoresistive read head with multiple sensing elements for patterned-media
29 8,208,215 Techniques for emulating sequential device with constrained disk drive
30 8,208,099 Transmissive type liquid crystal display comprising a main pixel region having a first color filter and a sub-pixel region having a second color filter having a higher transmittance
31 8,208,096 Liquid crystal display device
32 8,208,094 Liquid crystal display device
33 8,208,092 Liquid crystal display device
34 8,207,959 Display device
35 8,207,918 Image display device having a set period during which a step signal is supplied at different levels to provide a uniform display
36 8,207,912 Driving method for plasma display panel and plasma display device
37 8,207,834 Image processing device and vehicle detection device provided with the same
38 8,207,734 Parallel imaging in non-cartesian magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and MRI apparatus realizing the same
39 8,207,717 Buck-boost DC-DC converter with auxiliary inductors for zero current switching
40 8,207,704 Cell controller, battery module and power supply system
41 8,207,694 Motor controller
42 8,207,672 Plasma display panel having a discharge stabilizer powder and method of manufacturing the same
43 8,207,513 Charged particle beam apparatus
44 8,207,512 Charged particle beam apparatus and methods for capturing images using the same
45 8,207,498 Electron beam apparatus and electron beam inspection method
46 8,207,066 Dry etching method
47 8,207,054 Group III nitride semiconductor substrate, substrate for group III nitride semiconductor device, and methods of making same
48 8,206,976 Culture system, culture apparatus, culture vessel box, and air cleaning method
49 8,206,867 Fuel cell
50 8,206,775 Method for repairing pattern defect on electronic circuit and apparatus therefor
51 8,206,606 Oxide magnetic material
52 8,206,601 Supporting membranes on nanometer-scale self-assembled films
53 8,206,547 Method of manufacturing a display
54 8,206,516 R–Fe–B rare earth sintered magnet and method for producing same
55 8,206,306 Ultrasound systems and methods for orthopedic applications
56 8,206,298 Ultrasonographic elasticity imaging device
57 8,206,138 Scroll fluid machine with ball coupling rotation prevention mechanism
58 8,206,137 Cylinder apparatus, compressor and manufacturing method of cylinder apparatus
59 8,205,777 Fuel, gas, combustion type power tool driven by the fuel gas, and compressed gas container for the combustion type power tool
60 8,205,725 Electric disk brake
61 8,205,485 Way of method transfer of liquid chromatograph and liquid chromatograph system