Hitachi patents granted on 26 October 2010

52 US patents granted on 26 October 2010 and assigned to Hitachi

1 RE41,872 Method for driving a gas-discharge panel
2 RE41,868 Semiconductor memory device
3 RE41,860 Cold start engine control apparatus and method
4 D626,236 Ultrasound diagnosis apparatus
5 7,823,010 Anomaly notification control in disk array
6 7,822,928 Storage device and storage device data life cycle control method
7 7,822,894 Managing storage system configuration information
8 7,822,847 Storage management method and server
9 7,822,824 Method for starting up file sharing system and file sharing device
10 7,822,787 Method of reconfiguring NAS under GNS
11 7,822,525 Travel control device and travel control method
12 7,822,502 Method of calculating coordinates at cutting work completion in shoulder cutting by means of rotating tool
13 7,822,305 Optical transmission assembly
14 7,821,897 Information recording/reproducing apparatus and information recording method
15 7,821,888 Optical disk reproducing apparatus with a disk identifying function
16 7,821,884 Information recording and retrieval method, and its apparatus
17 7,821,862 Semiconductor memory circuit
18 7,821,822 Read/write elements for a three-dimensional magnetic memory
19 7,821,747 Method and apparatus for providing improved pinning structure for tunneling magnetoresistive sensor
20 7,821,741 Disk drive head stack assembly interacting with movement guide for preventing head from contacting the disk during read/write operations
21 7,821,737 Thin film magnetic head for high density recording and having a leading side magnetic pole piece of variable width at the media facing surface
22 7,821,736 Shaped trailing shield of a perpendicular recording write element
23 7,821,644 Apparatus for visual inspection
24 7,821,609 Display device
25 7,821,607 Liquid crystal display device
26 7,821,584 Display device
27 7,821,487 Display apparatus
28 7,821,468 Chip antenna, an antenna device, and a communication equipment
29 7,821,467 Tunable antenna module with frequency correction circuit and manufacturing method thereof
30 7,821,267 Magnetic resonance imaging method and apparatus
31 7,821,223 Vector controller for a permanent magnet motor and inverter module
32 7,821,167 Method and apparatus for increasing the buffer volume in a fluid dynamic bearing
33 7,821,119 Semiconductor device
34 7,820,968 Image acquisition apparatus, conversion apparatus and image acquisition method
35 7,820,965 Apparatus for detecting chemical substances and method therefor
36 7,820,961 Mass spectrometer and method of mass spectrometry
37 7,820,601 System and method for improving lubrication in a fluid dynamic bearing
38 7,820,455 Method for manufacturing a tunnel junction magnetoresistive sensor with improved performance and having a CoFeB free layer
39 7,820,118 Substrate processing apparatus having covered thermocouple for enhanced temperature control
40 7,820,114 Reaction container for chemical analysis with the controlled surface property
41 7,820,112 Method and apparatus for manufacturing beads array chip
42 7,820,089 Method for manufacturing three dimensional electrode elements for micro-batteries
43 7,819,935 Air filtration for nuclear reactor habitability area
44 7,819,630 Steam turbine blade, steam turbine rotor, steam turbine with those blades and rotors, and power plant with the turbines
45 7,819,344 Electro-magneto fuel injector
46 7,819,217 Power steering apparatus, method of controlling the same and method of assembling the same
47 7,819,203 Striking tool
48 7,819,159 Substrate assembly apparatus and substrate assembly method
49 7,818,973 Air-conditioning system and method of installing energy recovery apparatus
50 7,818,942 Method of building a floor for a boiler cage
51 7,818,877 Formation method of metal layer on resin layer
52 7,818,875 Method of manufacturing a magnetic head with integration of a small flash field, zero bias, and non-reactive ion milling for pole tip uniformity