Hitachi patents granted on 27 December 2011

73 US patents granted on 27 December 2011 and assigned to Hitachi

1 D651,280 Immersion flat filter membrane element
2 D651,226 Sample case for an electron microscope
3 D651,170 Portion of a power module for power inverter
4 8,087,038 Optical pickup having thermal expansion compensation
5 8,086,905 Method of collecting information in system network
6 8,086,895 Management method and system for managing replication by taking into account cluster storage accessibility a host computer
7 8,086,889 Semiconductor integrated circuit device for scan testing
8 8,086,888 Storage management server and storage configuration relocating method
9 8,086,881 Power control of secondary copy storage based on journal storage usage and accumulation speed rate
10 8,086,877 Storage device and control method for the same
11 8,086,823 Method for speeding up page table address update on virtual machine
12 8,086,818 Storage apparatus and storage area allocation method
13 8,086,808 Method and system for migration between physical and virtual systems
14 8,086,807 Backup data management method in which differential copy time is taken into account
15 8,086,796 Storage system, load distribution management method, and storage medium
16 8,086,789 Flash memory module, storage apparatus using flash memory module as recording medium and address translation table verification method for flash memory module
17 8,086,775 Storage system effectively using free ports
18 8,086,773 Disk array subsystem and control method thereof
19 8,086,768 Storage system and control method of storage system
20 8,086,733 Method and program for supporting setting of access management information
21 8,086,717 Presence information management system and presence information management server
22 8,086,634 Method and apparatus for improving file access performance of distributed storage system
23 8,086,422 Method for analyzing defect data and inspection apparatus and review system
24 8,086,377 Suspension control apparatus
25 8,086,022 Electron beam inspection system and an image generation method for an electron beam inspection system
26 8,086,021 Appearance inspection apparatus with scanning electron microscope and image data processing method using scanning electron microscope
27 8,085,870 Transmitter
28 8,085,735 Baseband demodulation architecture for adaptive modulation method
29 8,085,646 Optical pickup lens capable of detecting the tilt state
30 8,085,643 Optical information reproducing apparatus, optical information recording and reproducing apparatus
31 8,085,641 Reproduced signal evaluation method and write adjustment method
32 8,085,640 Adjusting method for recording condition and optical disc device
33 8,085,638 Test-write method, information recording method, and information recording apparatus
34 8,085,633 Optical disc drive
35 8,085,630 Optical disk apparatus
36 8,085,548 Circuit for suppressing electromagnetic interference, implementation structure and electronic apparatus implementing the same
37 8,085,534 Flat display apparatus to optimally radiate heat
38 8,085,508 System, method and apparatus for flexure-integrated microactuator
39 8,085,507 Method and apparatus for forming an opening in a base-metal layer of an electrical lead suspension (ELS) to increase the impedance
40 8,085,499 Thin film perpendicular magnetic recording head, their fabrication process and magnetic disk drive using it
41 8,085,497 Method of multi-angled bump processing for magnetic pole fabrication and systems thereof
42 8,085,494 Airflow diverter in a hard disk drive system
43 8,085,490 Slider fly-height control in a hard disk drive
44 8,085,489 Method for writing servo patterns and disk drive including a controller for writing servo patterns according to the method
45 8,085,488 Predicting operational problems in a hard-disk drive (HDD)
46 8,085,372 Liquid crystal display device and manufacturing method thereof
47 8,085,360 Display device and planar light source device
48 8,085,259 Display apparatus
49 8,085,231 Display device
50 8,085,225 Image display apparatus
51 8,085,220 Plasma display apparatus
52 8,084,925 Piezoelectric thin film elemental device, sensor and actuator
53 8,084,901 Power tool
54 8,084,369 Producing method of semiconductor device and substrate processing apparatus
55 8,084,363 Polishing slurry and polishing method
56 8,084,362 Polishing slurry and polishing method
57 8,084,315 Method of fabricating non-volatile semiconductor memory device by using plasma film-forming method and plasma nitridation
58 8,084,149 Thermally assisted magnetic recording media and magnetic recording and reproducing apparatus
59 8,084,130 Epoxy resin molding material for sealing and electronic component device
60 8,084,128 Rare-earth magnet and manufacturing method thereof and magnet motor
61 8,083,960 Etching endpoint determination method
62 8,083,889 Apparatus and method for plasma etching
63 8,083,888 Plasma processing apparatus
64 8,083,867 Amorphous alloy ribbon, nanocrystalline soft magnetic alloy and magnetic core consisting of nanocrystalline soft magnetic alloy
65 8,083,679 Ultrasonic imaging apparatus
66 8,083,539 Connector
67 8,083,515 Fine pattern mold
68 8,083,357 Cooling structure of projecting apparatus
69 8,083,035 Cylinder apparatus and disk brake
70 8,082,895 Variable valve system for internal combustion engine and its driving mechanism
71 8,082,724 Combusting system, remodeling method for combusting system, and fuel injection method for combusting system
72 8,082,658 Controlled lapping for an ABS damascene process
73 8,082,657 Method for manufacturing an electrical lapping guide for magnetic write head core width optimization