Hitachi patents granted on 27 June 2006

57 US patents granted on 27 June 2006 and assigned to Hitachi

1 7,069,519 Method, apparatus and navigation apparatus for sharing display by plural operating systems
2 7,069,500 Document management/EDI system linkage unit, document management/EDI system linkage method, information recording medium and document processing program
3 7,069,467 System and method for data multiplexing
4 7,069,430 Operating system rebooting during which one or more non-stop modules continuously execute a process based on interrupts accepted by the non-stop modules
5 7,069,423 Microcomputer
6 7,069,408 Apparatus and method for partitioning and managing subsystem logics
7 7,069,405 Disk control system and control method of disk control system
8 7,069,403 Method and apparatus for data duplexing in storage unit system
9 7,069,400 Data processing system
10 7,069,393 Storage system providing file aware caching and file aware remote copy
11 7,069,385 Cluster-type storage system and managing method of the cluster-type storage system
12 7,069,383 Apparatus and method for reallocating logical to physical disk devices using a storage controller, with access frequency and sequential access ratio calculations and display
13 7,069,380 File access method in storage-device system, and programs for the file access
14 7,069,358 Disk array system and disk drive unit
15 7,069,353 Command multiplex number monitoring control scheme and computer system using the command multiplex number monitoring control scheme
16 7,069,332 Video server for video distribution system
17 7,069,305 Computer system and a data transfer method thereof using remote direct memory access
18 7,069,277 Management of multiple generations of backup data
19 7,069,276 Computer system
20 7,069,162 Magnetic field analysis method and programs for rotating machines
21 7,069,156 Method for adjusting the pitch and roll static torques in a disk drive head suspension assembly
22 7,069,065 Superconductor layer and method of manufacturing the same
23 7,068,914 Image apparatus with zoom-in magnifying function
24 7,068,834 Inspecting method, inspecting system, and method for manufacturing electronic devices
25 7,068,656 Packet routing apparatus and a method of routing a packet
26 7,068,637 Base station and mobile communication system
27 7,068,587 Method for reproducing information data from a recording medium having dummy data shifted at random
28 7,068,572 Optical head and optical disk apparatus
29 7,068,551 Semiconductor memory device
30 7,068,521 Semiconductor device
31 7,068,503 Information processing unit and information processing related units
32 7,068,467 Thin film magnetic head and magnetic disk apparatus including the same
33 7,068,462 Magnetic recording apparatus
34 7,068,453 Thermally-assisted perpendicular magnetic recording system and head
35 7,068,452 Method for recording magnetic information and magnetic recording system
36 7,068,341 Liquid crystal display device
37 7,068,340 Liquid crystal display
38 7,068,264 Flat display panel having internal power supply circuit for reducing power consumption
39 7,068,261 Liquid crystal display device with a touch panel
40 7,067,985 Display device
41 7,067,973 Organic light-emitting display device
42 7,067,943 Resin-molded stator, a method of manufacturing the same, and a rotary machine using the same
43 7,067,878 Field effect transistor
44 7,067,857 Semiconductor device having led out conductor layers, manufacturing method of the same, and semiconductor module
45 7,067,830 Multi-electron beam exposure method and apparatus
46 7,067,806 Scanning probe microscope and specimen observation method
47 7,067,805 Energy spectrum measuring apparatus, electron energy loss spectrometer, electron microscope provided therewith, and electron energy loss spectrum measuring method
48 7,067,287 Method for recovery of nucleic acids
49 7,067,228 Photosensitive resin composition, photosensitive element employing it, resist pattern forming method, and printed wiring board fabrication method
50 7,067,226 Photosensitive film for circuit formation and process for producing printed wiring board
51 7,066,600 Projection type image display apparatus
52 7,066,559 Brake pressure estimating apparatus and method
53 7,066,384 Bill handling machine and controlling method for a bill handling machine
54 7,066,126 Fuel supply system and method of direct fuel injection engine
55 7,066,117 Combustion chamber arrangement in combustion type power tool
56 7,065,968 Steam turbine
57 7,065,966 Position control method by motor drive and control unit