Hitachi patents granted on 27 March 2012

57 US patents granted on 27 March 2012 and assigned to Hitachi

1 RE43,269 Method for driving a gas-discharge panel
2 RE43,268 Method for driving a gas-discharge panel
3 RE43,267 Method for driving a gas-discharge panel
4 8,146,092 System and method for selecting and executing an optimal load distribution processing in a storage system
5 8,145,930 Storage system and management information acquisition method for power saving
6 8,145,927 Operation management method of information processing system
7 8,145,924 Storage apparatus and start-up control method for the same
8 8,145,842 Management method for a virtual volume across a plurality of storages
9 8,145,828 Flash memory-mounted storage apparatus
10 8,145,818 Access right managing method for accessing multiple programs
11 8,145,687 File detection device and method
12 8,145,605 NAS system and remote copy method
13 8,145,603 Method and apparatus for data recovery using storage based journaling
14 8,145,602 Storage apparatus, data restoration method and computer system
15 8,145,432 System of binding structure for polymer molecule
16 8,145,395 Vehicular stored energy processor
17 8,145,384 Lubricating oil cooling device for traveling speed reduction gear
18 8,145,055 Passive optical network system, optical line terminator and optical network unit
19 8,144,929 Human pursuit system, human pursuit apparatus and human pursuit program
20 8,144,569 Multi-layer optical disc, and recording method and apparatus for multi-layer optical disc
21 8,144,567 Optical disc and optical disc apparatus
22 8,144,565 Optical head and apparatus using the same
23 8,144,559 Multiple pulse recording method with 3-valued power levels
24 8,144,557 Optical information recording/reproducing apparatus and disk distinction method
25 8,144,549 Head stack assembly and information recording apparatus
26 8,144,447 Electromagnetic load controller
27 8,144,434 Integrated pivot-carriage for improving pivot bonding process
28 8,144,431 Flex cable assembly for vibration reduction in HDD applications
29 8,144,429 Magnetic head slider with diffusion stop films each of which is disposed between the associated terminal portion and lead portion or between the associated lead portion and seed film
30 8,144,415 Apparatus, signal-processing circuit and device for magnetic recording system
31 8,144,382 Image display device
32 8,144,337 Inspecting method and inspecting apparatus for substrate surface
33 8,144,297 Display device
34 8,144,282 Liquid crystal display device having first and second pixel electrodes overlapping a common electrode and connected to first and second switching elements respectively
35 8,144,131 Display device with touch panel
36 8,144,096 Liquid crystal display device
37 8,144,012 Cable installation support system, terminal block plate and cable installation support method
38 8,143,985 Power distribution transformer and tank therefor
39 8,143,924 Semiconductor integrated circuit device having pulse generating circuits
40 8,143,702 Group III-V nitride based semiconductor substrate and method of making same
41 8,143,588 Deflector array, exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
42 8,143,573 Charged particle beam apparatus
43 8,143,525 Solar cell lead wire and production method therefor and solar cell using same
44 8,143,517 Extra-fine copper alloy wire, extra-fine copper alloy twisted wire, extra-fine insulated wire, coaxial cable, multicore cable and manufacturing method thereof
45 8,143,175 Dry etching method
46 8,142,674 Plasma processing apparatus and plasma processing method
47 8,142,635 Capillary array
48 8,142,626 Electrolyzer and electrodes
49 8,142,605 Circuit-connecting material and circuit terminal connected structure and connecting method
50 8,142,573 R-T-B sintered magnet and method for producing the same
51 8,142,567 Vacuum processing apparatus
52 8,142,294 Power transmission shaft and propeller shaft for vehicle
53 8,142,249 Manufacturing method of display device
54 8,142,173 Variable displacement vane pump
55 8,142,025 Projection type image display apparatus
56 8,141,236 Ganged removal of component device cover screws
57 8,141,227 Assembly of sheet materials, tube assembly, drawing method and tools for drawing