Hitachi patents granted on 27 May 2008

53 US patents granted on 27 May 2008 and assigned to Hitachi

1 7,380,267 Policy setting support tool
2 7,380,253 Disk drive apparatus
3 7,380,094 Storage system and storage management system
4 7,380,093 Storage system including a device, data management unit, control unit and/or primary computer, and method, for allocating storage area
5 7,380,090 Storage device and control method for the same
6 7,380,079 Method of monitoring status information of remote storage and storage subsystem
7 7,380,078 Method of monitoring status information of remote storage and storage subsystem
8 7,380,064 Storage device and storage device data life cycle control method
9 7,380,061 Management computer for calculating effective total volume of storage apparatus
10 7,380,058 Storage control apparatus, storage system, control method of storage control apparatus, channel control unit and program
11 7,380,057 Storage device controlling apparatus and a circuit board for the same
12 7,380,054 Storage of fault and position data in nonvolatile memory on system components
13 7,380,032 Storage system, and method for controlling the same
14 7,380,019 Path control method
15 7,380,004 Storage system, computer system, and method of configuring storage system
16 7,379,987 Integrated service management system
17 7,379,915 Electronic purse loan system
18 7,379,788 Manufactured article treatment processing system
19 7,379,751 Multi-band transceiver and radio communication device using the transceiver
20 7,379,744 Positioning system, positioning method, and positioning server
21 7,379,728 Wireless communication system
22 7,379,628 Recording and reproducing system for image data with recording position information and a recording and reproducing method therefor
23 7,379,547 Reproducing apparatus, recording apparatus and display apparatus
24 7,379,456 Network routing apparatus
25 7,379,454 Packet routing apparatus and routing controller
26 7,379,397 Optical pickup and optical disc apparatus provided with the same
27 7,379,328 Semiconductor device
28 7,379,321 Memory cell and programmable logic having ferromagnetic structures exhibiting the extraordinary hall effect
29 7,379,128 Display device with elastic spacers having varying widths and hardness
30 7,379,056 System and method for taking over a document
31 7,379,044 Image display apparatus
32 7,379,032 Plasma display device
33 7,378,971 Radio frequency identification tags for digital storage discs
34 7,378,941 Method for setting product number in ROM type RFID chip and method, apparatus and system for managing product implementation
35 7,378,839 Magnetic encoder
36 7,378,773 Permanent magnet electric rotating machine and electromotive vehicle using permanent magnet electric rotating machine
37 7,378,722 Adhesive film for semiconductor, lead frame and semiconductor device using the same, and method of producing semiconductor device
38 7,378,699 Magnetic head having a magnetoresistive element and highly polarized spin injection layer
39 7,378,671 Aberration measuring apparatus for charged particle beam optical system, charged particle beam lithography machine having the aberration measuring apparatus, and device fabrication method using the apparatus
40 7,378,668 Method and apparatus for applying charged particle beam
41 7,378,662 Radiation detector, radiation detector element, and radiation imaging apparatus
42 7,378,650 Ion-mobility spectrometer and ion-mobility analysis method
43 7,378,191 Graphite particles and lithium secondary battery using the same as negative electrode
44 7,378,151 Semiconductor nanoparticle, and a process of manufacturing the same
45 7,378,053 Method for producing copper-based material with low thermal expansion and high heat conductivity
46 7,377,765 System, method, and apparatus for non-contact and diffuse curing exposure for making photopolymer nanoimprinting stamper
47 7,377,462 Tape cartridge
48 7,377,460 Tape cartridge of compatible type
49 7,377,434 Magnetic card processor with improved fraud resistance
50 7,377,428 Communication terminal and information communication system
51 7,377,261 Spark ignition engine and method of controlling combustion of the engine
52 7,377,161 Air flow measuring device provided with a vent in air passage
53 7,377,024 Method of making a magnetic write head with trailing shield throat pad