Hitachi patents granted on 27 May 2014

46 US patents granted on 27 May 2014 and assigned to Hitachi

1 8,738,963 Methods and apparatus for managing error codes for storage systems coupled with external storage systems
2 8,738,874 Storage controller and storage control method for snapshot acquisition and remote copying of a snapshot
3 8,738,866 Storage system and control method therefor
4 8,738,854 Storage apparatus and control method of storage apparatus
5 8,738,738 File transmitting apparatus, file transmitting method, and file transmitting program
6 8,738,625 Log management system and program
7 8,738,570 File cloning and de-cloning in a data storage system
8 8,738,232 Electronic control apparatus
9 8,738,210 Battery temperature control device
10 8,737,718 Apparatus and method for inspecting defect
11 8,737,711 X-ray CT image forming method and X-ray CT apparatus using the same
12 8,737,412 Network relay system and method of automatically setting a network relay system
13 8,737,184 Holographic optical pickup device, optical information recording and reproducing device, and method of recording and reproducing optical information
14 8,737,180 Optical pickup device and optical disc apparatus for recording and reproducing information on and from optical disc including plurality of recording layers
15 8,736,830 Pattern inspection device of substrate surface and pattern inspection method of the same
16 8,736,729 Electric Camera
17 8,736,543 Liquid crystal display device with backlight
18 8,736,470 Analog/digital converter and semiconductor integrated circuit device
19 8,736,229 Battery control circuit for reducing power consumption
20 8,736,125 Coupling device and method of manufacturing coupling device
21 8,736,043 Power device having a specific range of distances between collector and emitter electrodes
22 8,735,964 Charge carrier device
23 8,735,912 Light emitting element, light emitting device using the light emitting element, and transparent substrate used in light emitting elements
24 8,735,865 Semiconductor memory device
25 8,735,850 Method and apparatus for ebeam treatment of webs and products made therefrom
26 8,735,816 Standard member for calibration and method of manufacturing the same and scanning electron microscope using the same
27 8,735,814 Electron beam device
28 8,735,781 Method and apparatus for controlling heating and cooling of transfer unit in precision hot press apparatus
29 8,735,769 Laser processing head and laser cladding method
30 8,735,733 Resin composition, prepreg laminate obtained with the same and printed-wiring board
31 8,735,724 Electric equipment having insulation structure at welding parts
32 8,735,469 Resin material and high voltage equipment using the resin material
33 8,735,004 Overcharge inhibitor, and nonaqueous electrolyte solution and secondary battery using the same
34 8,734,353 Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus and elastic image display method
35 8,734,351 Method of displaying elastic image and diagnostic ultrasound system
36 8,734,204 Polishing solution for metal films and polishing method using the same
37 8,734,173 Connector
38 8,734,148 Heat treatment apparatus and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
39 8,734,126 Screw compressor
40 8,734,099 Water pump for vehicle and bearing structure
41 8,733,953 Display apparatus and projection type lighting apparatus therefor
42 8,733,532 Bill handling apparatus
43 8,733,513 Disk brake
44 8,733,397 Electromagnetically actuated valve
45 8,733,282 Plasma processing apparatus
46 8,733,126 Vehicle air-conditioning apparatus