Hitachi patents granted on 27 November 2012

55 US patents granted on 27 November 2012 and assigned to Hitachi

1 8,321,945 Security measure status self-checking system
2 8,321,863 Security management device and method
3 8,321,722 Storage device, and data path failover method of internal network of storage controller
4 8,321,720 Virtual computer system and control method thereof
5 8,321,642 Information storage system, snapshot acquisition method, and data storage medium
6 8,321,629 Storage system, control methods for the same with data migration on power capped chassis
7 8,321,622 Storage system with multiple controllers and multiple processing paths
8 8,321,617 Method and apparatus of server I/O migration management
9 8,321,608 Pool I/O device operation confirmation method and computer system
10 8,321,485 Device and method for constructing inverted indexes
11 8,321,193 Support system and method for manufacturing integrated circuit
12 8,321,117 Vehicle control system
13 8,321,111 Pedal system and vehicle system with the pedal system
14 8,321,094 Engine control system for construction machine
15 8,321,060 Method and system of on-tool and on-site MFC optimization providing consistent response
16 8,321,046 Substrate processing apparatus
17 8,320,640 Biometrics authentication method and client terminal and authentication server used for biometrics authentication
18 8,320,626 Image processing apparatus
19 8,320,459 Moving picture encoding method and decoding method
20 8,320,384 Packet forwarding apparatus suitable for real time packets
21 8,320,285 Communication terminal and recording medium
22 8,320,238 Communication device with a path protection function, and network system using the communication device
23 8,320,232 Patterned perpendicular magnetic recording medium with multiple magnetic layers and interlayers
24 8,320,229 Variable mirror actuator and optical disc drive
25 8,320,119 Image display
26 8,320,085 Disk drive including a latch configured to lock an actuator in response to an external force
27 8,320,080 Three-terminal spin-torque oscillator (STO)
28 8,320,078 Perpendicular magnetic recording write head with antiparallel-coupled laminated main pole having a tapered trailing edge
29 8,320,073 Perpendicular magnetic recording head and method for producing the same
30 8,320,072 Sealing an enclosure for a disk drive form factor
31 8,319,960 Defect inspection system
32 8,319,909 Liquid crystal display device
33 8,319,892 Video signal processing apparatus, video displaying apparatus and high resolution method for video signal
34 8,319,887 Frame rate conversion apparatus for video signal and display apparatus
35 8,319,848 Imaging apparatus
36 8,319,709 Display device and manufacturing method thereof
37 8,319,705 Plasma display device and driving method using all cell reset and on cell reset operations
38 8,319,621 Vehicle having tire wear evaluation system
39 8,319,379 Portable electrical power tool
40 8,319,345 Semiconductor packaging substrate and semiconductor device
41 8,319,225 Display device and manufacturing method thereof
42 8,319,211 Organic luminescent materials, coating solution using same for organic emitting layer, organic light emitting device using coating solution and light source device using organic light emitting device
43 8,319,194 Drug detection equipment
44 8,319,193 Charged particle beam apparatus, and method of controlling the same
45 8,319,179 Sample pretreatment apparatus and mass spectrometer provided with the same
46 8,319,147 Laser machining method and laser machining apparatus
47 8,318,527 Manufacturing method of display device
48 8,318,332 Magnetic recording medium, method for fabricating the same, and magnetic storage device
49 8,318,031 Method for manufacturing a perpendicular magnetic write head having a tapered write pole
50 8,317,941 R-T-B-type sintered magnet and method for production thereof
51 8,317,937 Alloy for sintered R-T-B-M magnet and method for producing same
52 8,317,889 Installation structure for dustproof net
53 8,317,710 Bone inspecting system, and lower leg supporting device
54 8,316,879 Method and device for controlling pressure of vacuum container
55 8,316,636 Exhaust gas purifier of construction machine