Hitachi patents granted on 27 October 2009

47 US patents granted on 27 October 2009 and assigned to Hitachi

1 7,610,593 Thin structured slot-in type optical disk apparatus
2 7,610,581 Data processing system
3 7,610,521 Communication control system and method for supervising a failure
4 7,610,515 Disk array device and failure response verification method thereof
5 7,610,511 Journal migration method and data recovery management method
6 7,610,508 Storage system and setting method for storage configuration information
7 7,610,506 Data processing system, data processing method and storage apparatus
8 7,610,471 Data processor
9 7,610,467 Management method and a management system for volume
10 7,610,461 Storage system with mainframe and open host performing remote copying by setting a copy group
11 7,610,460 Buffer updates and data evacuation in a storage system using differential snapshots
12 7,610,369 Storage network system, managing apparatus managing method and program
13 7,610,362 Method for reproducing configuration of a computer system in a remote site
14 7,610,343 Presence data management method
15 7,610,259 Management apparatus, program and method for controlling data included in bill of material
16 7,610,217 Automatic auction method and system on server-client system
17 7,610,141 Control apparatus for direct injection type internal combustion engine
18 7,610,049 Wireless communication system, server and mobile station therefor
19 7,609,864 Finger identification method and apparatus
20 7,609,717 Packet transfer apparatus performing address translation
21 7,609,704 Packet routing apparatus
22 7,609,602 Method of generating a recording pulse train in accordance with a NRZI signal for recording information to a recording medium
23 7,609,572 Semiconductor memory device
24 7,609,485 Head gimbal assembly and head stack assembly having accurate dimensions
25 7,609,483 Data storage device with load/unload tab inclined towards a disk
26 7,609,477 Dish array apparatus with improved heat energy transfer
27 7,609,476 Magnetic disk drive with isolation wall
28 7,609,473 Dissipation of liquid droplets in a magnetic disk drive
29 7,609,348 Display device with bridge section
30 7,609,282 Image display method and apparatus
31 7,609,202 Relative measurement method and relative measurement system using satellite
32 7,609,197 Method for measuring distance and position using spread spectrum signal, and an equipment using the method
33 7,609,176 Traffic information prediction apparatus
34 7,609,124 Non-reciprocal circuit device
35 7,609,083 Semiconductor integrated circuit device and storage apparatus having the same
36 7,609,064 Probe configured for NMR apparatus and NMR apparatus using the same
37 7,608,997 Organic EL display device having improved desiccant arrangement
38 7,608,917 Power semiconductor module
39 7,608,859 Semiconductor light-emitting device with transparent conductive film
40 7,608,857 Field effect transistor having a structure in which an organic semiconductor that forms a channel is made of a single crystal or a polycrystal of organic molecules
41 7,608,844 Charged particle beam drawing apparatus
42 7,608,819 Mass spectrometer
43 7,608,205 Decentralized solution of microscopic particles and circuit formation device
44 7,608,162 Plasma processing apparatus and method
45 7,607,418 Fuel injection nozzle and method of holding the same
46 7,607,245 Construction machine
47 7,607,214 Method of manufacturing a silicon slider by an alkaline etch