Hitachi patents granted on 28 August 2007

44 US patents granted on 28 August 2007 and assigned to Hitachi

1 7,263,723 Apparatus and method for outputting digital information
2 7,263,593 Virtualization controller and data transfer control method
3 7,263,584 Method of controlling storage device controlling apparatus, and storage device controlling apparatus
4 7,263,580 Cache flush based on checkpoint timer
5 7,263,578 System and method for managing disk space in a thin-provisioned storage subsystem
6 7,263,574 Employment method of virtual tape volume
7 7,263,549 Web system using proxy server monitoring server and storage server for efficiently providing web access service to users within passenger transportation environment
8 7,263,466 Data management system and method
9 7,263,423 Control device and control method for a vehicle
10 7,263,416 Electrical control unit for an automobile
11 7,263,272 Digital/analog compatible video tape recorder
12 7,263,216 Pattern inspecting method and apparatus thereof, and pattern inspecting method on basis of electron beam images and apparatus thereof
13 7,263,189 Data transmission and receiving apparatus for digital broadcast signals which include control information
14 7,263,145 Semiconductor integrated circuit device, wireless LAN system, and auto gain control system
15 7,263,053 Information recording method and information recording apparatus
16 7,262,940 Separate read/write magnetic head
17 7,262,939 System, method, and apparatus for attaching top pole piece of a voice coil motor to a hard disk drive enclosure
18 7,262,936 Heating device and magnetic recording head for thermally-assisted recording
19 7,262,823 Display device and manufacturing method thereof
20 7,262,822 Structure of liquid crystal display device for easy assembly and disassembly
21 7,262,821 LCD with first and second circuit regions each with separately optimized transistor properties
22 7,262,766 Apparatus for producing exploded view and animation of assembling, and method thereof
23 7,262,755 Multi-tone display device
24 7,262,600 NMR probe
25 7,262,480 Semiconductor device, and method and apparatus for manufacturing semiconductor device
26 7,262,425 Method and its apparatus for inspecting particles or defects of a semiconductor device
27 7,262,424 Particle beam therapy system
28 7,262,083 Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
29 7,261,971 Battery used for small electric devices
30 7,261,958 Magnetic recording medium and magnetic recording system using the same
31 7,261,868 Process and apparatus for the decomposition of fluorine compounds
32 7,261,421 Optical projector and image display apparatus using the same
33 7,261,420 Projection optical unit and projection image display apparatus
34 7,261,207 Method for carrying a semiconductor device
35 7,261,071 Combustion type power tool facilitating cleaning to internal cleaning target
36 7,260,992 Pressure sensor, flowmeter electronic component, and method for manufacturing the same
37 7,260,979 Oxygen sensor
38 7,260,887 Apparatus for controlling the lapping of a slider based on an amplitude of a readback signal produced from an externally applied magnetic field
39 7,260,886 Fastening a magnetic disk to a hub structure
40 7,260,885 System and method for rigidly coupling a disk drive to a chassis of a computer
41 RE39,798 Active matrix LCD device with image signal lines having a multilayered structure
42 D549,738 Wheel loader
43 D549,722 Graphic user interface for display for construction machine
44 D549,721 Graphic user interface for display for construction machine