Hitachi patents granted on 28 August 2012

66 US patents granted on 28 August 2012 and assigned to Hitachi

1 8,255,898 System software update method
2 8,255,769 Control apparatus and control method
3 8,255,715 Storage system and power control method thereof with mode selection defined by timeout period and power supply
4 8,255,679 Receiver and receiving method
5 8,255,666 Storage system for a storage pool and virtual volumes
6 8,255,658 Memory management method and computer using the same
7 8,255,652 Remote storage disk control device and method for controlling the same
8 8,255,649 Remote copy control method and system in storage cluster environment
9 8,255,647 Journal volume backup to a storage device
10 8,255,646 Storage apparatus and logical volume migration method
11 8,255,624 Storage apparatus and its control method
12 8,255,518 Computer system and method for monitoring performance of the computer system
13 8,255,068 Method of configuring a control algorithm being executable by a controller
14 8,254,955 Wireless communication system and base station accommodation server
15 8,254,780 Passive optical network system and fault determination method
16 8,254,764 Recording apparatus, image reproducing apparatus, and special reproduction method therefor
17 8,254,758 Input-output circuit, recording apparatus and reproduction apparatus for digital video signal
18 8,254,754 Reproducing device
19 8,254,702 Image compression method and image processing apparatus
20 8,254,662 System for monitoring foreign particles, process processing apparatus and method of electronic commerce
21 8,254,292 Storage function method and apparatus in a passive optical network
22 8,254,237 Diffraction grating, optical pickup device and optical disc apparatus
23 8,254,236 Optical information reproducing apparatus
24 8,254,228 Optical disc drive and hibernation recovery method for an optical disc drive
25 8,254,067 Tunnel junction type magneto-resistive head
26 8,254,066 Technique for measuring process induced magnetic anisotropy in a magnetoresistive sensor
27 8,254,061 Head-slider with protrusion control structure and manufacturing method of the head-slider with protrusion control structure
28 8,254,059 Perpendicular magnetic recording head with domain controlled side shield
29 8,254,057 Detecting wedge angle with a third electric lapping guide (ELG) during manufacture of a magnetic head
30 8,254,056 Air breather with waterproof fiber material for magnetic disk drive
31 8,254,055 Apparatus, system, and method for controlling out-gassing and humidity in a closed space-constrained environment
32 8,254,051 Disk drive and method for measuring clearance between a head and a disk in a disk drive
33 8,253,935 Disk surface inspection apparatus, inspection system thereof, and inspection method thereof
34 8,253,934 Method and apparatus for inspecting a pattern formed on a substrate
35 8,253,888 Liquid crystal display device
36 8,253,873 Liquid crystal display device having first, second, and third transparent electrodes that form first and second storage capacitors
37 8,253,670 Liquid crystal display device
38 8,253,643 Chip antenna and its production method, and antenna apparatus and communications apparatus comprising such chip antenna
39 8,253,511 Triple plate feeder–waveguide converter having a square resonance patch pattern
40 8,253,461 Waveform equalization circuit with pulse width modulation
41 8,253,382 Battery apparatus for controlling plural batteries and control method of plural batteries
42 8,253,285 Power tool
43 8,253,227 Semiconductor integrated circuit device
44 8,253,113 Charged particle beam irradiation system and charged particle beam extraction method
45 8,253,108 Radiation imaging system, nuclear medicine diagnosis apparatus and positioning adjusting mechanism
46 8,253,097 Mass spectrometer and method of mass spectrometry
47 8,252,701 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device, method of processing substrate, and substrate processing apparatus
48 8,252,612 Organic EL display device and manufacturing method thereof
49 8,252,437 Planarized magnetic recording disk with pre-patterned surface features and secure adhesion of planarizing fill material and method for planarizing the disk
50 8,252,419 Adhesive for bonding circuit members, circuit board and process for its production
51 8,252,367 Methods and apparatus to fabricate soft magnetic film with preferred uniaxial anisotropy for perpendicular recording
52 8,252,257 Method for purifying gas, gas purifying apparatus, and gas purifying catalyst
53 8,252,239 Liquid-liquid extraction system
54 8,252,233 Automatic analyzer and sample-processing system
55 8,252,190 Method for manufacturing a magnetic write head having a hard mask defined write pole trailing edge step
56 8,252,162 Capillary electrophoresis apparatus
57 8,252,153 Patterned-media perpendicular magnetic recording disk with servo regions having magnetized servo pillars and oppositely-magnetized servo trenches
58 8,251,298 Installation construction method for boiler facilities
59 8,251,271 Nailing machine
60 8,251,091 Temperature insensitive mass flow controller
61 8,251,012 Substrate processing apparatus and semiconductor device producing method
62 8,250,923 Ultrasonic inspection method and ultrasonic inspection apparatus
63 8,250,920 Inertial sensor
64 8,250,916 Inertial sensor
65 8,250,858 Exhaust gas cleaning system for construction machine
66 8,250,744 Method of manufacturing a solar cell lead wire