Hitachi patents granted on 28 December 2010

47 US patents granted on 28 December 2010 and assigned to Hitachi

1 D629,785 Portable terminal with sensors for recording data of activities
2 7,861,284 Control method and system of customer premises apparatus and gateway
3 7,861,115 Multi-component system
4 7,861,112 Storage apparatus and method for controlling the same
5 7,861,054 Method and system for controlling information of logical division in a storage controller
6 7,861,052 Computer system having an expansion device for virtualizing a migration source logical unit
7 7,861,049 Methods and apparatus for archiving digital data
8 7,861,047 Storage device and information management system
9 7,861,034 Load distribution of multiple disks
10 7,860,988 Congestion control and avoidance method in a data processing system
11 7,860,917 Sensor network system and data transfer method for sensing data
12 7,860,909 Search engine system using snapshot function of storage system
13 7,860,824 System and method of disaster recovery
14 7,860,534 Mobile communication terminal, and processing program thereof, for selectively using a plurality of caller own-numbers
15 7,860,408 Interferometer for demodulating differential M-phase shift keying signal
16 7,860,369 Play-back device and method for controlling the same
17 7,860,258 Electro-acoustic transducer device
18 7,860,206 Reactor power control apparatus of a natural circulation boiling water reactor and a feed water control apparatus and nuclear power generation plant
19 7,860,094 Multicast routing method and apparatus for routing multicast packet
20 7,859,978 Optical pickup lens
21 7,859,839 Storage apparatus, fan device, and controller unit device
22 7,859,834 Disk array apparatus
23 7,859,799 Magnetoresistive head and a manufacturing method thereof
24 7,859,797 Magnetoresistive head and magnetic storage apparatus
25 7,859,796 Disk drive and arm coil support assembly
26 7,859,795 Outer actuator arm constrained layer dampers
27 7,859,794 Magnetic head slider and magnetic disk drive
28 7,859,793 Magnetic head assembly that facilitates recovery of a magnetic head slider
29 7,859,787 Disk drive and controlling method thereof
30 7,859,777 Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving digital video and audio information
31 7,859,774 Objective lens actuator and a disc apparatus using the same therein
32 7,859,656 Defect inspection method and system
33 7,859,634 Display device
34 7,859,625 Method of manufacturing liquid crystal display device
35 7,859,527 Display device, method of driving the same and electric equipment
36 7,859,480 Antenna and portable electronic device
37 7,859,379 Transformer core and its manufacturing method
38 7,859,210 Semiconductor device for driving motor, three-phase motor and motor driving apparatus with the semiconductor device and fan motor
39 7,859,105 Power converter, power system provided with same, and mobile body
40 7,859,016 Thin film semiconductor device, polycrystalline semiconductor thin film production process and production apparatus
41 7,858,534 Semiconductor device manufacturing method and substrate processing apparatus
42 7,858,184 Fine, TiO.sub.2-based titanium oxide-coated metal particles and their production method
43 7,857,525 Optical connector
44 7,857,462 Projection optical unit, projection-type image displaying apparatus and projection-type image displaying system
45 7,857,092 Internal gear pump and power steering device
46 7,857,080 System for selectively consuming and storing electrical energy in a hybrid vehicle
47 7,856,962 Fuel system for a direct injection internal combustion engine