Hitachi patents granted on 28 July 2009

46 US patents granted on 28 July 2009 and assigned to Hitachi

1 7,568,215 Information distribution system
2 7,568,132 Fault data exchange between file server and disk control device
3 7,568,119 Storage control device and storage control device path switching method
4 7,568,084 Semiconductor integrated circuit including multiple basic cells formed in arrays
5 7,568,075 Apparatus, system and method for making endurance of storage media
6 7,568,068 Disk drive with cache having volatile and nonvolatile memory
7 7,567,989 Method and system for data processing with data replication for the same
8 7,567,969 File management apparatus and method, and storage system
9 7,567,747 Recording method and system for selecting programs to be automatically recorded according to objective criteria
10 7,567,736 Waveguide type wavelength domain optical switch
11 7,567,673 Common key sharing method and wireless communication terminal in ad hoc network
12 7,567,561 Packet communication node apparatus with extension modules
13 7,567,505 VRRP technology keeping VR confidentiality
14 7,567,495 Optical pickup apparatus and optical disc apparatus using same
15 7,567,490 Optical disk recording method and an optical disk apparatus
16 7,567,446 Power conversion apparatus including a rectifier circuit and an inverter circuit
17 7,567,422 Plasma processing apparatus and plasma processing method
18 7,567,409 Multilayer narrow pitch tape head array
19 7,567,406 Method of writing pattern on magnetic disk and device therefor
20 7,567,400 Method and apparatus for improving the error rate of track information on a magnetic storage device
21 7,567,397 Adjacent Track Interference (ATI) identification methodology
22 7,567,359 Method and program for executing a job in a remote computer in different computer environment
23 7,567,343 Method and apparatus for detecting defects on a wafer
24 7,567,327 Liquid crystal display device
25 7,567,325 Liquid crystal display device having particular pixel region
26 7,567,317 Liquid crystal display apparatus
27 7,567,269 Television phone adaptor
28 7,567,231 Display device having driving circuit
29 7,567,230 Liquid crystal display device having a low-voltage driving circuit
30 7,567,088 Foreign object detection apparatus
31 7,567,083 Superconductive magnetic apparatus for magnetic resonance imaging unit
32 7,567,019 Actuator system
33 7,566,892 Electron beam apparatus and method for production of its specimen chamber
34 7,566,872 Scanning electron microscope
35 7,566,871 Method and apparatus for pattern inspection
36 7,566,870 Mass spectrometer
37 7,566,483 Particle irradiation method for modification of local strain in strain reactive structures
38 7,566,020 Tape cartridge and recording/reproducing apparatus
39 7,565,954 Brake control apparatus for vehicle
40 7,565,894 Fuel injection apparatus for and method of internal combustion engine, and fuel injection valve
41 7,565,887 Valve actuation device of internal combustion engine
42 7,565,879 Plasma processing apparatus
43 7,565,836 Thermal type flow sensor having a second control circuit to control a second heating resistor above the first heating temperature
44 7,565,812 Method for improving residual stress in pipe and apparatus
45 7,565,733 Process for the fabrication of multilayer thin film magnetoresistive sensors
46 7,565,732 Method of manufacturing a write pole