Hitachi patents granted on 28 June 2011

69 US patents granted on 28 June 2011 and assigned to Hitachi

1 D640,581 Spectrophotometer
2 7,971,241 Techniques for providing verifiable security in storage devices
3 7,971,097 Data restoring method and an apparatus using journal data and an identification information
4 7,971,025 Method and apparatus for chunk allocation in a thin provisioning storage system
5 7,970,995 Storage system
6 7,970,991 Storage control apparatus and storage control method
7 7,970,986 Storage system using flash memories and wear-leveling method for the same system
8 7,970,917 Virtual file servers with storage device
9 7,970,903 Storage and server provisioning for virtualized and geographically dispersed data centers
10 7,970,882 Management apparatus and management method
11 7,970,522 Gear shifting control system for work machine
12 7,970,199 Method and apparatus for detecting defect on a surface of a specimen
13 7,970,140 Method and system for encrypted communications using multi-valued modulation
14 7,970,095 Radioisotope production structures, fuel assemblies having the same, and methods of using the same
15 7,970,094 Nuclear power plant and operation method thereof
16 7,970,058 Moving picture encoding method and decoding method
17 7,970,055 Method and apparatus for compressing image data
18 7,970,041 Semiconductor laser apparatus
19 7,969,865 Network system of recovering routing information
20 7,969,838 Optical disk apparatus
21 7,969,833 Optical disc apparatus
22 7,969,826 Thermally assisted magnetic recording head having movable mirror for optical switching
23 7,969,751 High-speed signal transmission apparatus
24 7,969,735 Power converter
25 7,969,692 Magnetic reading head with first and second element units each including a ferromagnetic layer and each with a different spin-polarization
26 7,969,691 Magnetic head and magnetic disk system having a read sensor and a sensing current
27 7,969,687 Magnetic head with delayed connection heater shunting
28 7,969,686 Self-assembly structures used for fabricating patterned magnetic media
29 7,969,684 Write head design and method for reducing adjacent track interference at very narrow track widths
30 7,969,683 Write first design for a perpendicular thin film head
31 7,969,681 Disk drive and control method thereof
32 7,969,680 Magnetic tape on which a servo pattern is formed
33 7,969,679 Servo area test method of a magnetic recording medium and a test device
34 7,969,678 Magnetic disk drive having assisted recording and methods of recording data thereto
35 7,969,675 Determination of the quality of an erase process for perpendicular magnetic recording disks
36 7,969,636 Laser direct imaging apparatus
37 7,969,567 Method and device for detecting shape of surface of medium
38 7,969,538 Liquid crystal display device
39 7,969,529 Liquid crystal display device using external electrode fluorescent lamps
40 7,969,525 Liquid crystal display device
41 7,969,520 Liquid crystal display device and dielectric film usable in the liquid crystal display device
42 7,969,400 Liquid crystal display device with decreased power consumption
43 7,969,347 Method for measuring distance and position using spread spectrum signal, and an equipment using the method
44 7,969,229 On-chip redundancy high-reliable system and method of controlling the same
45 7,969,197 Output buffer circuit and differential output buffer circuit, and transmission method
46 7,969,116 Power pack and cordless power tool having the same
47 7,969,067 Ultrasound probe
48 7,968,925 Power semiconductor module for inverter circuit system
49 7,968,903 Light emitting device
50 7,968,437 Semiconductor device manufacturing method and substrate processing apparatus
51 7,968,368 Method of manufacturing a field effect transistor having an oxide semiconductor
52 7,968,357 Manufacturing method of liquid crystal display device
53 7,968,288 Device and method for high-throughput quantification of mRNA from whole blood
54 7,968,196 Circuit-connecting material and circuit terminal connected structure and connecting method
55 7,968,195 Dicing tape laminated with adhesive sheet of polymer, epoxy resin and filler
56 7,968,194 Dicing tape laminated with adhesive sheet of polymer, thermosetting resin and filler
57 7,967,943 Circuit-connecting material and circuit terminal connected structure and connecting method
58 7,967,941 Adhesive-free aramid-polyester laminate, method of manufacturing the same and apparatus for manufacturing the same
59 7,967,931 Single-reel type tape cartridge
60 7,967,721 Control apparatus for an automatic transmission
61 7,967,462 Backlight assembly for liquid crystal display apparatus having inclined light emmitting elements
62 7,967,094 Construction machine
63 7,966,989 Engine control apparatus
64 7,966,870 Air flow measuring device
65 7,966,869 Apparatus and method for detecting cam phase of engine
66 7,966,867 Scanning probe microscope
67 7,966,840 Heat pump system and heat pump operation method
68 7,966,727 Installation construction method for boiler facilities
69 7,966,691 Dust collector