Hitachi patents granted on 28 March 2006

51 US patents granted on 28 March 2006 and assigned to Hitachi

1 7,020,833 Data synchronization detection method, information recording method, and information reproduction method
2 7,020,756 Data saving method and external storage device
3 7,020,744 Computer system
4 7,020,734 Connecting device of storage device and computer system including the same connecting device
5 7,020,731 Disk array control device with two different internal connection systems
6 7,020,671 Implementation of an inverse discrete cosine transform using single instruction multiple data instructions
7 7,020,564 Logical volume administration method, the service using the method and the memory medium storing the service
8 7,020,553 Signal processing system for construction machine
9 7,020,548 Vehicle drive recorder
10 7,020,401 Transponder and wavelength division-multiplexing optical transmission equipment
11 7,020,350 Image alignment method, comparative inspection method, and comparative inspection device for comparative inspections
12 7,020,306 Polishing pad surface condition evaluation method and an apparatus thereof and a method of producing a semiconductor device
13 7,020,207 Video error concealment mechanism for block based video decompression
14 7,020,181 Code division multiple access receiver
15 7,020,116 Method and apparatus of data transmission
16 7,020,089 Information processing apparatus and method of controlling the information processing apparatus
17 7,020,085 Method of monitoring quality of communication for each flow
18 7,020,084 Communication system, a communication method and communication terminal
19 7,020,028 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
20 7,019,962 Electronic system having a hard disk drive with transparent cover, flashing device, and with specially decorated top plate or hub for storage applications with a visually observable disk
21 7,019,950 Magnetoresistive sensor having bias magnets with steep endwalls
22 7,019,949 Self-pinned spin valve sensor having its first AP pinned layer thicker than its second AP pinned layer to reduce the likelihood of amplitude flip
23 7,019,933 Servo information write method, servo control method, data storage device, and program
24 7,019,927 Information signal recording and playback method and apparatus therefor
25 7,019,926 Self-servo-writing multi-slot timing pattern
26 7,019,921 Control method and apparatus for reducing the effects of hard disk contamination
27 7,019,799 Liquid crystal display with optical adjustment layer controlling transmittance of emitted light in accordance with wavelength
28 7,019,791 Video processing device
29 7,019,751 Graphic processing apparatus and method
30 7,019,745 Three-dimensional image display device
31 7,019,685 Vehicle-onboard signal processing device and vehicle-onboard radar system
32 7,019,673 Skew-tolerant gray codes
33 7,019,461 Plasma display panel having sealing structure
34 7,019,456 Organic EL display device
35 7,019,455 Organic electro-luminescence device encapsulating structure
36 7,019,411 Energy recovery apparatus and method of operating energy recovering apparatus
37 7,019,388 Semiconductor device
38 7,019,359 Controllable conduction device with electrostatic barrier
39 7,019,294 Inspection method and apparatus using charged particle beam
40 7,018,729 Energy gradient ion beam deposition of carbon overcoats on rigid disk media for magnetic recordings
41 7,018,546 Water treatment method and water treatment device
42 7,018,218 Device for controlling a vehicle
43 7,018,174 Turbine blade
44 7,017,754 Method and apparatus for classifying fine balls and method for producing cylindrical sieve
45 7,017,567 Device and method for measuring element temperature of air-fuel ratio sensor, and device and method for controlling heater of air-fuel ratio sensor
46 7,017,556 Engine start fuel control system
47 7,017,551 Intake control apparatus for internal combustion engine and method thereof
48 7,017,342 Air compressor and control method therefor
49 7,017,263 Electronic component mounting method
50 7,017,257 Method for directly debonding sliders during single slider processing
51 D517,837 Television stand