Hitachi patents granted on 29 April 2008

46 US patents granted on 29 April 2008 and assigned to Hitachi

1 D567,778 Television
2 D567,615 Portable electric driver
3 7,367,050 Storage device
4 7,366,950 Information processing apparatus with resume function and information processing system
5 7,366,870 System and method for accessing an offline storage unit through an online storage unit
6 7,366,867 Computer system and storage area allocation method
7 7,366,853 Virtualization controller and data transfer control method
8 7,366,839 Storage system
9 7,366,838 Storage system and control method thereof for uniformly managing the operation authority of a disk array system
10 7,366,814 Heterogeneous multiprocessor system and OS configuration method thereof
11 7,366,808 System, method and apparatus for multiple-protocol-accessible OSD storage subsystem
12 7,366,784 System and method for providing and using a VLAN-aware storage device
13 7,366,620 Evaluation method of fine pattern feature, its equipment, and method of semiconductor device fabrication
14 7,366,579 Work management support method and work management support system which use sensor nodes
15 7,366,508 Radio access point testing method and testing apparatus
16 7,366,277 Tomographic device and method therefor
17 7,366,106 Radio communication terminal and communication method
18 7,366,082 Optical disk
19 7,366,065 Optical disk apparatus and an optical disk recording and reproducing method
20 7,366,015 Semiconductor integrated circuit device, production and operation method thereof
21 7,366,001 Content addressable memory including main-match lines and sub-match lines
22 7,365,941 Optical recording head including an optical resonant cavity
23 7,365,933 Servo information recording method, magnetic recording media, and magnetic disk apparatus
24 7,365,930 Load/unload mechanism for magnetic disk drive
25 7,365,907 Rear projection image display apparatus
26 7,365,725 Liquid crystal display device
27 7,365,686 Radio frequency IC tag and method for manufacturing same
28 7,365,616 Non-reciprocal element with three central conductors and communication apparatus using the same
29 7,365,531 Magnetic reader recording characterization at slider or bar level
30 7,365,515 Universal battery charger
31 7,365,487 Organic electroluminescence display apparatus
32 7,365,325 Method and apparatus for observing a specimen
33 7,365,323 Environmental scanning electron microcope
34 7,365,322 Method and apparatus for arranging recipe of scanning electron microscope and apparatus for evaluating shape of semiconductor device pattern
35 7,365,306 Standard member for length measurement, method for producing the same, and electron beam length measuring device using the same
36 7,364,965 Semiconductor device and method of fabrication
37 7,364,956 Method for manufacturing semiconductor devices
38 7,364,917 Apparatus and method for detecting vaporized gas
39 7,364,850 DNA probe array
40 7,364,838 Gray level imaging masks, optical imaging apparatus for gray level imaging masks and methods for encoding mask and use of the masks
41 7,364,698 Automatic analyzer
42 7,364,492 On-line grinding method for work roll
43 7,364,327 Projection type display unit
44 7,364,307 Method and system for a beam projector having data manipulation capabilities
45 7,363,699 Method for manufacturing a magnetic read sensor employing oblique etched underlayers for inducing uniaxial magnetic anisotropy in hard magnetic bias layers
46 7,363,698 Process for creating a write head by forming a bump after the top pole is formed