Hitachi patents granted on 29 April 2014

51 US patents granted on 29 April 2014 and assigned to Hitachi

1 D703,618 Electrical terminal
2 8,713,710 Cantilever of scanning probe microscope and method for manufacturing the same, method for inspecting thermal assist type magnetic head device and its apparatus
3 8,713,700 Access control method, information display device using the same, and information display system
4 8,713,577 Storage apparatus and storage apparatus management method performing data I/O processing using a plurality of microprocessors
5 8,713,307 Computer system and volume migration control method using the same
6 8,713,288 Storage system comprising multiple microprocessors and method for sharing processing in this storage system
7 8,713,279 Storage system with LU-setting function
8 8,713,266 Storage apparatus and method including page discard processing for primary and secondary volumes configured as a copy pair
9 8,713,251 Storage system, control method therefor, and program
10 8,712,823 System, method and program recording medium for supply capacity estimation
11 8,712,730 Control system of substrate processing apparatus, collecting unit, substrate processing apparatus and control method of the substrate processing apparatus
12 8,712,701 Potentiometric-sensor chip, potentiometric assay, and assay kit
13 8,712,687 Determining system for localization methods combination
14 8,712,664 Vehicle control apparatus
15 8,712,568 Substrate processing apparatus and display method of substrate processing apparatus
16 8,712,557 Maintenance tool of control systems
17 8,712,255 Optical receiver and optical transfer apparatus
18 8,712,244 Communication system and time synchronization method
19 8,712,003 Jet pump and reactor
20 8,711,975 Tomlinson Harashima precoding with additional receiver processing in a multi-user multiple-input multiple-output wireless transmission system
21 8,711,936 Method of and apparatus for recording motion picture, which generate encoded data with higher compression efficiency using a motion vector similarity
22 8,711,774 Wireless communication system and wireless communication method
23 8,711,666 Adhesive structure of optical device, adhesion method, and optical pickup device
24 8,711,637 Semiconductor device and data processing system
25 8,711,586 Power converter and method including noise suppression by controlling phase shifting of converter cells
26 8,711,523 Stacked magnetoresistance device responsive to a magnetic field generally perpendicular to a side face running along a channel of the device
27 8,711,347 Defect inspection method and device therefor
28 8,710,951 Operation controlling apparatus
29 8,710,890 Variable delay line for delay locked loop
30 8,710,788 Brushless motor drive apparatus and drive method
31 8,710,781 Power conversion device and method for controlling thereof
32 8,710,679 Electrode structure and its manufacturing method, and semiconductor module
33 8,710,550 Semiconductor device with hetero-junction bodies
34 8,710,464 Specimen preparation device, and control method in specimen preparation device
35 8,710,439 Charged particle beam apparatus
36 8,710,438 Scanning transmission electron microscope and axial adjustment method thereof
37 8,710,434 Mass spectrometry device and method using ion-molecule reaction ionization
38 8,710,430 Mass spectrometry method
39 8,710,388 Switchgear and method for operating switchgear
40 8,710,371 Bend resistant cable
41 8,709,656 Cathode material for lithium ion secondary battery and lithium ion secondary battery using it
42 8,709,364 Heat retaining device
43 8,709,345 Sample analyzing device
44 8,709,193 Method of manufacturing adhesive-free laminate of aramid paper and polyphenylene sulfide film, and insulation material and insulation structure for rotating electric machinery
45 8,708,913 Ultrasonic imaging apparatus
46 8,708,912 Ultrasound diagnostic apparatus and method of displaying ultrasound image
47 8,708,209 Driving tool
48 8,708,087 Construction machine
49 8,708,071 Cooling system for electric vehicle
50 8,707,920 Valve timing control apparatus for internal combustion engine
51 8,707,899 Plasma processing apparatus