Hitachi patents granted on 29 August 2006

57 US patents granted on 29 August 2006 and assigned to Hitachi

1 RE39,253 Apparatus and method for error correction
2 7,100,192 Method of and an apparatus for controlling a web server, a web server control program, and a storage medium on which the web server control program is stored
3 7,100,126 Electrical form design and management method, and recording medium
4 7,100,110 System for filling in documents using an electronic pen
5 7,100,077 Control system of NAS, backup method, and program therefor
6 7,100,074 Storage system, and control method, job scheduling processing method, and failure handling method therefor, and program for each method
7 7,100,070 Computer system capable of fast failover upon failure
8 7,100,059 Disk array system having a first and second disk control unit each having cache memory, shared memory, a plurality of power units, a plurality of hard disks, and an AC/DC power supply
9 7,100,055 Information storage system, information transfer system and storage medium thereof
10 7,100,016 Configuration management apparatus and method
11 7,100,008 Long term data protection system and method
12 7,100,007 Backup system and method based on data characteristics
13 7,099,996 Disk array system
14 7,099,962 Storage subsystem and storage controller
15 7,099,960 External storage subsystem
16 7,099,912 Integrated service management system
17 7,099,904 Computer system for allocating storage area to computer based on security level
18 7,099,903 Method and system for data processing with data backup
19 7,099,901 Method for backing up a disk array system
20 7,099,754 Signal safety method, signal safety apparatus and signal safety system
21 7,099,733 Semiconductor production system
22 7,099,596 Optical transmitter
23 7,099,456 Call center system
24 7,099,262 Rewritable recording medium capable of changing the length and start position of synchronization portion
25 7,099,250 Information recording and reproducing method and information recording and reproducing device
26 7,099,199 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
27 7,099,183 Semiconductor device
28 7,099,126 Ferromagnetic tunnel magnetoresistive devices and magnetic head
29 7,099,123 Self-pinned abutted junction heads having an arrangement of a second hard bias layer and a free layer for providing a net net longitudinal bias on the free layer
30 7,099,091 Display device
31 7,098,982 Liquid crystal display device with the source electrode having a projecting portion
32 7,098,981 Liquid crystal display device having particular electrode structure for repair of disconnected signal line
33 7,098,881 Liquid crystal driver circuit and LCD having fast data write capability
34 7,098,879 Display device
35 7,098,875 Display device
36 7,098,842 Vehicle-mounted millimeter wave radar device, millimeter wave radar module, and manufacturing method thereof
37 7,098,734 Distortion-compensated amplifier using predistortion technique
38 7,098,673 Capacitive measuring system
39 7,098,601 Image display device
40 7,098,506 Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
41 7,098,464 Electron beam writing equipment and electron beam writing method
42 7,098,455 Method of inspecting a circuit pattern and inspecting instrument
43 7,098,423 Laser machining apparatus
44 7,098,138 Plasma processing method for working the surface of semiconductor devices
45 7,098,111 Manufacturing method of semiconductor integrated circuit device
46 7,098,055 Apparatus and method for testing defects
47 7,098,027 Method for remyelinating a demyelinized lesion due to injury in the brain or spinal cord
48 7,097,924 Magnetic recording media and method of forming them
49 7,097,923 Method for forming thin film heads using a tri-layer anti-reflection coating for photolithographic applications and a structure thereof
50 7,097,920 Group III nitride based semiconductor substrate and process for manufacture thereof
51 7,097,814 Waste gas treating device having flow regulating assembly
52 7,097,091 Friction stir welding method and component part welded by the method
53 7,097,000 Elevator apparatus
54 7,096,858 Air pump for internal combustion engine
55 7,096,775 Pneumatic booster
56 7,096,659 Gas turbine electric power generation equipment and air humidifier
57 7,096,587 Portable circular power saw with optical alignment