Hitachi patents granted on 29 December 2015

48 US patents granted on 29 December 2015 and assigned to Hitachi

1 9,225,963 Video display system, display apparatus, and display method
2 9,225,667 Communication system and network relay apparatus
3 9,225,650 Network system, gateway, and packet delivery method
4 9,225,610 User interface providing information system topology presentation
5 9,225,424 Dynamic bandwidth allocation method, OLT, and PON system
6 9,225,217 Electric power collection and distribution ring, electric motor and method of manufacturing electric motor
7 9,225,214 Disk motor and electric working machine including the same
8 9,225,213 Electrical rotating machine
9 9,225,198 Power monitoring and control apparatus and power monitoring and control system
10 9,225,181 Power storage system with constant current charge control or constant voltage charge control depending on battery terminal voltage in a charging process
11 9,224,937 Precursor of MgB2 superconducting wire, and method for producing the same
12 9,224,575 Charged particle beam device and overlay misalignment measurement method
13 9,224,574 Charged particle optical equipment and method for measuring lens aberration
14 9,224,527 Production method of ultrafine crystalline alloy ribbon
15 9,224,517 Paste composition for electrode and photovoltaic cell
16 9,224,512 Positive electrode active material for non-aqueous secondary battery and manufacturing method thereof, as well as non-aqueous secondary battery using positive electrode active material
17 9,224,507 Systems and methods for managing shared-path instrumentation and irradiation targets in a nuclear reactor
18 9,224,424 Data recording/reproducing device, archive system, and recording control method
19 9,223,660 Storage device to backup content based on a deduplication system
20 9,223,655 Storage system and method for controlling storage system
21 9,223,645 Storage apparatus and method for controlling storage apparatus
22 9,223,604 Control method of virtual machine and virtual machine system
23 9,223,508 Storage system
24 9,223,501 Computer system and virtual server migration control method for computer system
25 9,223,309 Plant monitoring and control system and plant monitoring and control method
26 9,223,228 Method and apparatus for forming pattern
27 9,223,030 Radiation detection equipment and nuclear medicine diagnosis device
28 9,222,915 Eddy current flaw detection system and eddy current flaw detection method
29 9,222,890 Plasma spectrometer
30 9,222,814 Flow sensor and manufacturing method of the same and flow sensor module and manufacturing method of the same
31 9,222,813 Flow sensor and manufacturing method of the same and flow sensor module and manufacturing method of the same
32 9,222,732 Substrate processing apparatus and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
33 9,222,414 Fuel supply system for gas turbine combustor and fuel supply method for gas turbine combustor
34 9,222,357 Bit exchange method and bit exchange device for shield tunneling machine
35 9,222,356 Drill bit exchange device for shield tunneling machine
36 9,222,166 Slide parts and equipment including same
37 9,222,145 Soft magnetic alloy ribbon and its production method, and magnetic device having soft magnetic alloy ribbon
38 9,222,001 Adhesive sheet, as well as optical member and organic light emission device using the same
39 9,221,407 Composite cable for a vehicle
40 9,221,232 Centrifugally cast composite roll and its production method
41 9,221,162 Pneumatic driving machine
42 9,221,095 Manufacturing method for a blade material
43 9,221,055 Reaction plate assembly, reaction plate and nucleic acid analysis device
44 9,220,479 Methods and apparatus for ultrasound imaging
45 D746,476 Component analyzer
46 D746,467 Filter sheet for a cell collecting cartridge
47 D746,335 Display screen with icon
48 D746,303 Display screen with graphical user interface