Hitachi patents granted on 29 June 2010

60 US patents granted on 29 June 2010 and assigned to Hitachi

1 D618,638 Reaction tube
2 7,748,050 Optical disc, illegal copy finding system and method using optical disc, optical disc manufacturing apparatus and optical disc manufacturing method
3 7,748,041 Tool, method, and program for supporting system security design/evaluation
4 7,747,910 Method of recording/reproducing digital data and apparatus for same
5 7,747,906 Recording and reproducing apparatus and digital data recording method
6 7,747,830 Backup system with continuous data protection
7 7,747,827 Storage system, disk control cluster, and its increase method
8 7,747,819 Storage system and storage control method comprising router and switch communication with RAID modules
9 7,747,810 Address assigning method, disk drive, and data writing method
10 7,747,800 Storage system comprising power saving function
11 7,747,799 Storage system
12 7,747,723 Communication system and communication management method
13 7,747,623 Product design support method and system
14 7,747,394 Information processing system using base sequence relevant information
15 7,747,386 Collision detection sensor
16 7,747,297 Personal digital assistant with slide mechanism
17 7,747,276 Mobile communication terminal and communication control method
18 7,747,242 Wireless communication system, base station, packet control function apparatus, node apparatus and accounting server
19 7,747,129 Resin composition for optical materials, resin film for optical material, and optical waveguide
20 7,747,053 Image diagnosis supporting system and method
21 7,746,863 Communicating method between IPv4 terminal and IPv6 terminal and IPv4-IPv6 converting apparatus
22 7,746,852 Packet data serving node and communication method using the same
23 7,746,788 Traffic information aggregating apparatus
24 7,746,757 Optical disc medium and optical disc device
25 7,746,748 Optical disc device and reproduction method
26 7,746,742 Optical disc recording method and optical disc apparatus
27 7,746,740 Recording control method for optical disk recording apparatus and optical disk recording apparatus
28 7,746,735 Laser focus controlling method on an optical disk and an optical disk apparatus with using thereof
29 7,746,734 Optical disk apparatus and tracking method
30 7,746,614 Drive circuit for switching device
31 7,746,603 CPP Magnetoresistive head with different thickness free layers for improved signal to noise ratio
32 7,746,602 Magnetic read head with reduced shunting
33 7,746,586 Media drive, processing method for recording data onto a medium, processing method for data read from a medium, and method for controlling a process for reading data from a medium
34 7,746,461 Optical defect inspection apparatus
35 7,746,453 Pattern defect inspection apparatus and method
36 7,746,428 Liquid crystal display element
37 7,746,419 Liquid crystal display device
38 7,746,313 Display device employing a time-division-multiplexed driver
39 7,746,306 Display device having an improved video signal drive circuit
40 7,746,295 Plasma display device having improved luminous efficacy
41 7,746,023 Position detecting device and synchronous motor driving device using the same
42 7,745,975 Piezoelectric thin film resonator, piezoelectric thin film resonator filter and manufacturing method thereof
43 7,745,952 Electric circuit module with improved heat dissipation characteristics using a fixing tool for fixing an electric apparatus to a heat sink
44 7,745,795 Radiation detector, radiation detector element, and radiation imaging apparatus
45 7,745,787 Electron beam device
46 7,745,782 Electrostatic charge measurement method, focus adjustment method, and scanning electron microscope
47 7,745,237 Pattern forming method and pattern forming system
48 7,745,180 Device and method for high-throughput quantification of mRNA from whole blood
49 7,745,035 Separator and fuel cell using thereof
50 7,745,032 Fuel cell with humidifier
51 7,744,721 Plasma processing apparatus
52 7,744,706 Solder alloy for bonding oxide material, and solder joint using the same
53 7,744,666 Polishing medium for chemical-mechanical polishing, and method of polishing substrate member
54 7,744,504 Control apparatus of vehicle
55 7,744,353 Fluid pump and high-pressure fuel feed pump
56 7,744,275 Optical fiber temperature sensing device
57 7,744,056 Hard-material-coated member excellent in durability
58 7,743,955 Combustion type power tool having fan
59 7,743,487 Method to planarize perpendicular write poles using a combination of CMP and reactive ion milling
60 7,743,444 Cable stayed suspension bridge making combined use of one-box and two-box girders