Hitachi patents granted on 29 May 2012

70 US patents granted on 29 May 2012 and assigned to Hitachi

1 8,191,069 Method of monitoring performance of virtual computer and apparatus using the method
2 8,191,066 Continuously loading series of data whether data is requested or not, in response to end command unloading the data in descendent order of reference probability
3 8,190,959 Wireless communication system, terminal and base station
4 8,190,852 Virtualization controller and data transfer control method
5 8,190,847 Management method and a management system for volume
6 8,190,846 Data management method in storage pool and virtual volume in DKC
7 8,190,822 Storage control unit and data management method
8 8,190,818 Apparatus and method for managing a plurality of kinds of storage devices
9 8,190,815 Storage subsystem and storage system including storage subsystem
10 8,190,800 Automatic vending machine with a plurality of modules and serial bus system
11 8,190,790 Storage apparatus and method of controlling the same
12 8,190,789 Computer system and its renewal method
13 8,190,717 Method of booting an operating system
14 8,190,599 Stream data processing method and system
15 8,190,580 System and method for data backup using log records
16 8,190,573 File storage service system, file management device, file management method, ID denotative NAS server and file reading method
17 8,190,398 Environmental radioactivity measurement system of administration and an analysis method of the radioactivity
18 8,190,351 Diagnostic control apparatus for internal combustion engines
19 8,190,282 Work management apparatus, picking carriage, work performance collection system, rework measurement system, workability management system, rework measurement measuring method, work performance collection method, workability management method and workability management program
20 8,190,208 Base station
21 8,190,178 Cellular phone and mobile switching controller
22 8,189,992 Recording apparatus optical disk and computer-readable recording medium
23 8,189,991 Recording apparatus optical disk and computer-readable recording medium
24 8,189,962 Image processing apparatus
25 8,189,736 X-ray CT apparatus
26 8,189,712 Communications device
27 8,189,701 Adaptive modulation scheme and data rate control method
28 8,189,571 System apparatus and method for interconnecting TDM and frame/packet communication networks
29 8,189,447 Optical disc drive and method of controlling the same
30 8,189,370 Magnetic recording element, magnetic memory cell, and magnetic random access memory
31 8,189,329 Storage control apparatus
32 8,189,325 Switchgear
33 8,189,304 Magnetoresistive magnetic head having a cpp element using a heusler alloy layer and a high saturation magnetization layer
34 8,189,302 Magnetic field sensor with graphene sense layer and ferromagnetic biasing layer below the sense layer
35 8,189,293 Perpendicular magnetic recording head having a grooved wrap around shield and method for manufacturing the same
36 8,189,292 Method for manufacturing a magnetic write head having a write pole with a trailing edge taper using a Rieable hard mask
37 8,189,291 Conical fluid dynamic bearings having improved stiffness for use in hard-disk drives
38 8,189,289 Electrically conductive spacer and disk drive including the electrically conductive spacer
39 8,189,282 Servo patterns for patterned media
40 8,189,281 Magnetic recording disk drive with write driver to write head transmission line having non-uniform sections for optimal write current pulse overshoot
41 8,189,205 Surface inspection tool and surface inspection method
42 8,189,185 Optical inspection method and optical inspection system
43 8,189,049 Intrusion alarm video-processing device
44 8,189,040 Recipe generation system and method
45 8,188,967 Liquid crystal display
46 8,188,956 Display device with tone correction circuit
47 8,188,805 Triplate line-to-waveguide transducer having spacer dimensions which are larger than waveguide dimensions
48 8,188,740 Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
49 8,188,739 Nuclear magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
50 8,188,712 Power supply controller and mechanical apparatus using the same
51 8,188,481 Display panel
52 8,188,429 Scanning electron microscope for determining quality of a semiconductor pattern
53 8,188,428 Scanning electron microscope
54 8,188,427 Scanning electron microscope alignment method and scanning electron microscope
55 8,187,485 Plasma processing apparatus including etching processing apparatus and ashing processing apparatus and plasma processing method using plasma processing apparatus
56 8,187,392 R-Fe-B type rare earth sintered magnet and process for production of the same
57 8,187,185 Ultrasound diagnostic apparatus
58 8,186,992 Micropattern transfer device
59 8,186,980 Scroll-type fluid machine that reduces centrifugal force of an orbiting scroll
60 8,186,969 Variable displacement pump
61 8,186,889 Optical connecting member and display apparatus
62 8,186,553 Fastener driving tool
63 8,186,300 Plasma processing apparatus
64 8,186,228 Strain measuring device
65 8,186,213 Thermal-type flowmeter
66 8,186,208 Pressure measuring module for detecting air pressure within a tire included in a wheel assembly attached to a vehicle body and tire pressure monitoring system
67 8,186,156 Automotive construction machine
68 8,186,067 Portable circular saw having light irradiation unit
69 8,186,047 Method of mounting electronic component
70 8,186,040 Methods for creating slanted perpendicular magnetic pole via metal liftoff