Hitachi patents granted on 29 November 2016

46 US patents granted on 29 November 2016 and assigned to Hitachi

1 D772,824 Reaction tube
2 9,510,487 Power conversion apparatus
3 9,510,438 Electronic control device
4 9,509,992 Video image compression/decompression device
5 9,509,985 Image processing apparatus
6 9,509,896 Apparatus, imaging method, and focus control apparatus to control autofocus based on contrast signal
7 9,509,706 Service performance monitoring method
8 9,509,330 Analog-to-digital converter probe for medical diagnosis and medical diagnosis system
9 9,508,980 Graphite particles and lithium secondary battery using the same as negative
10 9,508,883 Rectangular conductor for solar battery, method for fabricating same and lead wire for solar battery
11 9,508,655 Method for forming identification marks on refractory material single crystal substrate, and refractory material single crystal substrate
12 9,508,611 Semiconductor inspection method, semiconductor inspection device and manufacturing method of semiconductor element
13 9,508,555 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
14 9,508,546 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
15 9,508,543 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device, substrate processing apparatus, and non-transitory computer-readable recording medium
16 9,508,531 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device by alternatively increasing and decreasing pressure of process chamber
17 9,508,527 Sample base, charged particle beam device and sample observation method
18 9,508,521 Ion beam device
19 9,508,468 Noise suppression cable, core assembly, and electrical device
20 9,508,459 Method to prevent stress corrosion cracking of storage canister and storage canister
21 9,508,377 Hologram recording and reproducing device, and angular multiplexing recording and reproducing method
22 9,508,142 X-ray CT apparatus and X-ray CT image-generating method
23 9,507,895 Simulation apparatus and simulation method for determining soft error rates for a configured model
24 9,507,392 Information processing system, and its power-saving control method and device
25 9,507,328 Processing chamber allocation setting device and processing chamber allocation setting program
26 9,507,112 Photoelectric conversion module and method of manufacturing photoelectric conversion module
27 9,506,997 Magnetic-field-angle measurement apparatus and rotational-angle measurement apparatus using same
28 9,506,995 Magnetic field analysis programs and magnetic field analysis methods
29 9,506,971 Failure diagnosis method for photovoltaic power generation system
30 9,506,942 Automatic analyzer and method for detecting measurement value abnormalities
31 9,506,940 Automatic analysis apparatus
32 9,506,876 X-ray inspection device, inspection method, and X-ray detector
33 9,506,872 Inspection apparatus
34 9,506,480 Apparatus for driving work machine
35 9,506,469 Vented motor seal for a compressor
36 9,506,378 Variable valve timing control apparatus of internal combustion engine
37 9,506,154 Plasma processing method
38 9,505,995 Slag discharge system, gasifier, and gasification power generation apparatus
39 9,505,507 Cap opening and closing mechanism and automatic analyzer including the same
40 9,505,433 Power steering apparatus and backlash adjustment mechanism therefor
41 9,505,431 Rotation detection device and power steering device
42 9,505,427 Electrical connector assembly, electronic control unit using same, and electric power steering system therewith
43 9,505,393 Brake device
44 9,505,120 Power tool
45 9,505,046 Flat wiring member and method of manufacturing the same
46 9,504,451 Ultrasound diagnostic apparatus and shear-elasticity measurement method therefor