Hitachi patents granted on 29 September 2009

31 US patents granted on 29 September 2009 and assigned to Hitachi

1 7,596,706 Semiconductor integrated circuit with logic to monitor and control its power supplies
2 7,596,703 Hidden data backup and retrieval for a secure device
3 7,596,676 Method of inheriting information identifying virtual volume and storage system using the same
4 7,596,674 Data managed storage system for regulatory compliance
5 7,596,660 System and method for storage system
6 7,596,658 Method for expanding capacity of replication volume
7 7,596,637 Storage apparatus and control method for the same, and computer program product
8 7,596,616 Event notification method in storage networks
9 7,596,441 Power steering device
10 7,596,322 Cryptographic-key-generation communication system
11 7,596,240 Object tracking method and object tracking apparatus
12 7,596,068 Apparatus and method for determining type of optical disk
13 7,596,061 Optical disk apparatus
14 7,596,014 Semiconductor device
15 7,596,010 Semiconductor memory device
16 7,595,956 Microactuator reference input limit to prevent internal states over-accumulation
17 7,595,955 Disk drive device and method for error recovery procedure therefor
18 7,595,953 Magnetic recording disk drive with switchable compensation for mechanical and electrical disturbances
19 7,595,952 Magnetic head evaluation apparatus and method for manufacturing magnetic disk drive using the same
20 7,595,784 Liquid crystal display apparatus with control of LCD and backlight corresponding to an image
21 7,595,650 Magnetic field probe apparatus and a method for measuring magnetic field
22 7,595,509 Single crystal wafer for semiconductor laser
23 7,595,506 Liquid crystal display device and display device
24 7,595,492 Fluorescent material, a method of manufacturing the fluorescent material, a radiation detector using the fluorescent material, and an X-ray CT scanner
25 7,595,484 Mass spectrometric method, mass spectrometric system, diagnosis system, inspection system, and mass spectrometric program
26 7,595,482 Standard component for length measurement, method for producing the same, and electron beam metrology system using the same
27 7,595,155 Multiplex detection probes
28 7,594,832 Connector structure with a u-shaped cross section having a male terminal and a female terminal
29 7,594,621 Level wound coil, method of manufacturing same, and package for same
30 7,594,487 Apparatus for and method of controlling motion mechanism
31 7,594,387 Modified fuel burning gas turbine