Hitachi patents granted on 30 August 2011

70 US patents granted on 30 August 2011 and assigned to Hitachi

1 D644,258 Electron microscope
2 D644,178 Battery
3 D644,176 Battery
4 8,010,999 Cable installation support and management system
5 8,010,837 Storage sub system and data restoration method thereof
6 8,010,836 Storage configuration recovery method and storage management system
7 8,010,830 Failover method, program, failover apparatus and failover system
8 8,010,827 Method and computer system for failover
9 8,010,793 Data communication method and system
10 8,010,792 Content transmission apparatus, content reception apparatus and content transmission method
11 8,010,761 Storage system and copy method
12 8,010,760 Storage system performing virtual volume backup and method thereof
13 8,010,744 Virtualization method and storage apparatus for a storage system having external connectivity
14 8,010,742 Using idle mode prediction to improve storage system performance
15 8,010,732 Storage system provided with a plurality of storage modules
16 8,010,725 Access right managing method for accessing multiple programs
17 8,010,720 Storage system disposed with plural integrated circuits
18 8,010,719 Virtual machine system
19 8,010,496 Backup management method in a remote copy environment
20 8,010,490 Apparatus for managing remote copying between storage systems
21 8,010,178 Biomagnetic field measurement apparatus having a plurality of magnetic pick-up coils
22 8,010,145 Mobile communication terminal, mobile communication system, and storage medium
23 8,009,987 Optical add/drop multiplexer
24 8,009,875 Personal identification device and method
25 8,009,827 Encryption processing method and encryption processing device
26 8,009,788 Monitoring method and monitoring program for boiling water reactor, and acoustic damping method for boiling water reactor
27 8,009,547 Optical recording and reproducing apparatus capable of identifying the type of optical disc based on reflectance, and reproducing method for optical disc
28 8,009,536 Recording and reproducing apparatus
29 8,009,523 Optical pickup and method for manufacturing the same
30 8,009,501 Storage apparatus and power saving method thereof
31 8,009,390 Head gimbal assembly with recessed portion and manufacturing method thereof
32 8,009,389 Air bearing with low crown sensitivity through side channels
33 8,009,381 Method and system for manufacturing a hard-disk drive
34 8,009,380 Disk drive and method for controlling clearance in the disk drive
35 8,009,379 Method, apparatus and program storage device for dynamically adjusting the write current in each head to compensate for variation in disk drive and environmental parameters
36 8,009,376 Disk drive device and method for determining data track format of the disk drive device
37 8,009,375 Apparatus and method for receiving and recording digital information
38 8,009,252 Liquid crystal display device
39 8,009,246 Liquid crystal display device comprising reflecting portions for reflecting light beams and focusing them on circumferences of electrode portions of linear light sources
40 8,009,244 Liquid crystal display device having spacers disposed between an edge lit optical guide and light-emitting elements
41 8,009,233 Broadcasting and communication receiver apparatus
42 8,009,140 Master-slave manipulator system
43 8,009,134 Display device
44 8,009,123 Method for grayscale display processing for multi-grayscale display to reduce false contours in a plasma display device
45 8,009,082 Mobile radar and planar antenna
46 8,009,047 RFID tag
47 8,008,963 Analog switch
48 8,008,877 Electrically-driven dump truck
49 8,008,852 Organic light-emitting display device and production method of the same
50 8,008,791 Right-and-left-wheel differential torque generator of vehicle
51 8,008,772 Semiconductor device, manufacturing method thereof, composite metal body and manufacturing method thereof
52 8,008,675 Package for mounting an optical element and a method of manufacturing the same
53 8,008,654 Thin-film transistor device and a method for manufacturing the same
54 8,008,622 Electron beam apparatus and method of generating an electron beam irradiation pattern
55 8,008,594 Vacuum insulated switchgear
56 8,008,418 High-molecular copolymer containing metal coordination compound and organic electroluminescence element using the same
57 8,008,045 Primers for isothermal amplification of hepatitis C virus
58 8,007,983 Photosensitive resin composition, photosensitive element using same, method for forming resist pattern, and method for producing printed wiring board
59 8,007,932 Magnetic disk and magnetic disk unit
60 8,007,713 Sintered composite machine part and manufacturing method thereof
61 8,007,691 Fine particle of perovskite oxide, particle having deposited perovskite oxide, catalyst material, catalyst material for oxygen reduction, catalyst material for fuel cell, and electrode for fuel cell
62 8,007,600 Soft magnetic thin strip, process for production of the same, magnetic parts, and amorphous thin strip
63 8,007,438 Ultrasound probe and ultrasound elasticity imaging apparatus
64 8,007,345 Portable belt sander
65 8,007,196 Small handling pole locking assembly
66 8,006,890 Friction stir processing apparatus with a vibrator
67 8,006,658 Variable valve actuation apparatus of internal combustion engine
68 8,006,499 Humid air turbine, humid air turbine control system, and humid air turbine control method
69 8,006,491 Pump control apparatus for construction machine
70 8,006,340 Cleaning apparatus