Hitachi patents granted on 30 June 2009

51 US patents granted on 30 June 2009 and assigned to Hitachi

1 D595,421 Adapter for a sample rack
2 D595,420 Adapter for a sample rack
3 7,555,627 Input-output control apparatus, input-output control method, process control apparatus and process control method
4 7,555,623 Arrangements changing an operation authority responsive to attribute changes
5 7,555,622 Method and apparatus for increasing an amount of memory on demand when monitoring remote mirroring performance
6 7,555,618 Assuring genuineness of data stored on a storage device
7 7,555,601 Storage control system including virtualization and control method for same
8 7,555,600 Storage apparatus and configuration setting method
9 7,555,575 Method and apparatus for migrating data between storage volumes of different data pattern
10 7,555,509 Parallel fast Fourier transformation method of concealed-communication type
11 7,555,505 Method and apparatus for synchronizing applications for data recovery using storage based journaling
12 7,555,359 Apparatus and method for correcting defects by friction stir processing
13 7,555,324 Mobile terminal
14 7,555,269 Adaptive modulation scheme and coding rate control method
15 7,555,259 Digital broadcast receiver
16 7,555,184 Optical fiber, end face structure of optical fiber assembly, and optical connector
17 7,555,058 Delay locked loop circuit, digital predistortion type transmitter using same, and wireless base station
18 7,554,911 Method for controlling play speed in an optical disc device
19 7,554,910 Method and an apparatus for managing access path
20 7,554,890 Apparatus and method for controlling writing power of optical disc
21 7,554,834 Conduction control device
22 7,554,798 Flat display panel module and flat display apparatus
23 7,554,775 GMR sensors with strongly pinning and pinned layers
24 7,554,769 Thin film magnetic head and head gimbal assembly
25 7,554,764 Lift-off method for forming write pole of a magnetic write head and write pole formed thereby
26 7,554,758 Disk array unit
27 7,554,717 Optical transmission device equipped with pluggable variable optical attenuator
28 7,554,640 LCD device having a set of comb-like electrodes of red, green and blue pixels in a row extending in a first direction and a set of electrodes of a white pixel in the row extending in a second different direction
29 7,554,628 Display device
30 7,554,625 Display device and backlight device having plural solid-state emitting element units each emitting at least three colors and contained within a cylindrical air-filled light guide body also surrounded by air
31 7,554,495 Antenna apparatus
32 7,554,427 Thin film bulk acoustic wave resonator and filter, and radio frequency module using them
33 7,554,055 Method for making ohmic contact to silicon structures with low thermal loads
34 7,554,039 Electronic device
35 7,553,890 Circuit-connecting material and circuit terminal connected structure and connecting method
36 7,553,756 Process for producing semiconductor integrated circuit device
37 7,553,581 Sealed prismatic battery
38 7,553,574 Solid polymer electrolyte, a membrane using thereof, a solution for coating electrode catalyst, a membrane/electrode assembly, and a fuel cell
39 7,553,572 Fuel cell device and fuel cell management system
40 7,553,518 Substrate processing method
41 7,553,445 Manufacturing processes of sintered alloy and oil-impregnated sintered bearing
42 7,553,426 Apparatus, system, and method for increasing data storage density in patterned media
43 7,553,334 Defective product inspection apparatus, probe positioning method and probe moving method
44 7,553,208 Manufacturing method of organic electroluminescence display device
45 7,553,153 Burner and combustion method for solid fuels
46 7,553,031 Projection image display apparatus and projection optical unit to be used therein
47 7,553,025 Projection type image display apparatus, and optical unit and polarization splitting unit each used for the apparatus
48 7,553,024 Image display device
49 7,552,978 Brake device and controller for the same
50 7,552,720 Fuel pump control for a direct injection internal combustion engine
51 7,552,633 Thermal type gas flowmeter