Hitachi patents granted on 30 June 2015

41 US patents granted on 30 June 2015 and assigned to Hitachi

1 D733,135 Magnetic disk storage unit for electronic computer
2 D733,134 Magnetic disk storage unit for electronic computer
3 D732,935 Electric wire holder
4 D732,934 Electric wire holder
5 9,071,614 Computer system, management system and recording medium
6 9,071,612 Service providing system
7 9,071,563 Data storing method used for data store server in mailing system
8 9,071,353 Optical module, optical transmission device and method of manufacturing optical transmission device
9 9,071,124 Mover and linear motor
10 9,071,006 Seal structure for electronic control apparatus
11 9,070,724 Vacuum processing apparatus and plasma processing apparatus with temperature control function for wafer stage
12 9,070,621 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and manufacturing method thereof
13 9,070,619 Nitride semiconductor wafer for a high-electron-mobility transistor and its use
14 9,070,554 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device, substrate processing apparatus, and recording medium
15 9,070,532 Charged particle beam apparatus sample holder with magnetic field generating element and sample holding element
16 9,070,484 Reactor servicing platform
17 9,070,463 Flash memory module for realizing high reliability
18 9,070,412 Channel bitword processor, PRML decoder, and optical information recording/reproducing device
19 9,070,388 Plasma processing method
20 9,070,380 Objective lens driving apparatus, optical pickup
21 9,070,376 Method for evaluating information reproduction performance, information reproduction device, and information recording medium
22 9,070,241 Bill storage box and bill handling device
23 9,070,212 Medical imaging apparatus and imaging slice determination method
24 9,069,784 Configuring a virtual machine
25 9,069,662 Semiconductor device and method of controlling non-volatile memory device
26 9,069,640 Patch applying method for virtual machine, storage system adopting patch applying method, and computer system
27 9,069,476 Method for managing storage system using flash memory, and computer
28 9,069,471 Passing hint of page allocation of thin provisioning with multiple virtual volumes fit to parallel data access
29 9,069,465 Computer system, management method of computer resource and program
30 9,069,237 Projection type display apparatus having a light source and display element configured to provide increased lifespan of optical constituent components
31 9,069,128 Opto-electric combined circuit board and electronic devices
32 9,068,740 Sunlight heat utilized steam absorption chiller and sunlight heat utilization system
33 9,068,626 Balancer device of internal combustion engine
34 9,068,504 Engine operated machine
35 9,068,483 Variable valve actuating apparatus for internal combustion engine, and controller for variable valve actuating apparatus
36 9,068,321 Hybrid driven hydraulic work machine
37 9,068,270 Aluminum electroplating solution and method for forming aluminum plating film
38 9,067,906 Thermosetting resin composition, epoxy resin molding material, and polyvalent carboxylic acid condensate
39 9,067,303 Method of executing shot peening
40 9,067,194 Method of regenerating used catalyst
41 9,067,053 Ultrasonic treatment device