Hitachi patents granted on 30 March 2010

37 US patents granted on 30 March 2010 and assigned to Hitachi

1 7,690,008 Optical disc drive having openings in the housing to allow air therein
2 7,689,837 Storage system, data migration method and management computer
3 7,689,796 Computer system, storage system and method for saving storage area by integrating same data
4 7,689,792 Data replication in a storage system
5 7,689,790 Storage system, remote copy and management method therefor
6 7,689,787 Device and method for controlling number of logical paths
7 7,689,765 Control apparatus of storage unit, and method of controlling the control apparatus of storage unit
8 7,689,692 Method of arranging dialogue type service through interactive service system
9 7,689,611 Method of and a system for recovering data in an information processing system
10 7,689,603 File server that allows an end user to specify storage characteristics with ease
11 7,689,573 Prefetch appliance server
12 7,689,545 System and method to enable parallel text search using in-charge index ranges
13 7,689,523 Design support method and design support system
14 7,689,266 Medical image diagnosis apparatus
15 7,689,201 Communication terminal equipment
16 7,689,106 Video or audio recording and reproducing apparatus
17 7,689,104 Recording/playback device, recording device, and recording/playback method
18 7,689,100 Digital signal recording/reproducing apparatus
19 7,688,778 Wireless communication system
20 7,688,696 Information recording method and information recording device
21 7,688,685 Magneto-optical recording device capable of changing the shapes of heating areas
22 7,688,623 Magnetic memory cell and magnetic memory device
23 7,688,548 Utilizing an interlocking dissimilar metal component in the formation of a hard disk drive
24 7,688,511 Diffraction type light-condensing film and planar light source device using the same
25 7,688,406 Liquid crystal display apparatus
26 7,688,228 Map data delivering device, communication terminal, and map delivering method
27 7,688,066 Rotation detector
28 7,687,914 Semiconductor device and a method of manufacturing the same and designing the same
29 7,687,590 Composition for forming silica based coating film, silica based coating film and method for preparation thereof, and electronic parts
30 7,687,405 High resolution patterning of surface energy utilizing high resolution monomolecular resist for fabrication of patterned media masters
31 7,687,224 Photosensitive film
32 7,687,157 Perpendicular recording media having an exchange-spring structure
33 7,687,008 Method for producing ceramic honeycomb filter
34 7,686,917 Plasma processing system and apparatus and a sample processing method
35 7,686,630 Connector including foreign body preventing unit including blocking sheet member and locking unit
36 7,685,874 Thermal type flow sensor with a constricted measuring passage
37 7,685,816 Cooling system for construction machine