Hitachi patents granted on 30 November 2010

45 US patents granted on 30 November 2010 and assigned to Hitachi

1 D628,039 Portable electric driver
2 D628,038 Portable electric driver
3 7,845,011 Data transfer system and data transfer method
4 7,844,986 Method and apparatus for receiving a digital signal and apparatus for recording and reproducing the digital signal
5 7,844,981 Optical disk device with pickup cooling plate
6 7,844,795 Storage apparatus having virtual-to-actual device addressing scheme
7 7,844,794 Storage system with cache threshold control
8 7,844,713 Load balancing method and system
9 7,844,711 Volume allocation method
10 7,844,575 Method and a system for data migration
11 7,844,302 Communication terminal, reception notifying method, and computer-readable recording medium
12 7,844,177 Optical signal changeover device and optical signal changeover method
13 7,844,024 Suppression method of radionuclide deposition on reactor component of nuclear power plant and ferrite film formation apparatus
14 7,843,909 Packet communicating apparatus
15 7,843,776 Optical disk recording/reproducing apparatus and seek control method thereof
16 7,843,751 Semiconductor memory device comprising sense amplifier having P-type sense amplifier and N-type sense amplifiers with different threshold voltages
17 7,843,590 Information management method and information management system
18 7,843,537 Liquid crystal display device
19 7,843,525 Liquid crystal display appliance
20 7,843,369 Analog-to-digital converter and communication device and wireless transmitter and receiver using the same
21 7,843,298 Power distribution transformer and tank therefor
22 7,843,250 Semiconductor device
23 7,843,136 Organic electroluminescence display device having a desiccant on glass plate
24 7,843,045 Thermoplastic resin composition for semiconductor, adhesion film, lead frame, and semiconductor device using the same, and method of producing semiconductor device
25 7,843,001 Insulated gate type semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
26 7,842,973 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method of the same
27 7,842,889 Substrate for mounting electronic part and electronic part
28 7,842,644 Catalyst for oxidation of metal mercury
29 7,842,619 Plasma processing method
30 7,842,437 High-resolution, patterned-media master mask
31 7,842,408 Magnetic film, manufacturing method thereof and thin film magnetic head
32 7,842,397 Nickel plating solution and its preparation method, nickel plating method and printed wiring board copper foil
33 7,842,237 Automatic analyzer and rack transfer device
34 7,842,185 Pellets comprising sludge containing nitrifying bacteria for treating wastewater
35 7,842,160 Semiconductor producing device and semiconductor device producing method
36 7,842,140 Iron-based rare-earth nanocomposite magnet and method for producing the magnet
37 7,841,833 Turbine rotor and turbine blade
38 7,841,434 Electric drive system for vehicle, electric control system for vehicle, electric drive method for vehicle
39 7,841,307 Cooling fan drive system for travel type working machine
40 7,841,237 Ultrasonic testing apparatus for turbine forks and method thereof
41 7,841,178 Master cylinder
42 7,841,073 Electronic component mounting apparatus
43 7,841,068 Methods of fabricating single-pole recording head having trapezoidal main pole and bevel angle promotion layer
44 7,841,067 Method for manufacturing a trailing shield structure for a perpendicular magnetic write head
45 7,841,035 Disc cleaning machinery, disc cleaning device thereof and rotary brush thereof