Hitachi patents granted on 30 September 2014

47 US patents granted on 30 September 2014 and assigned to Hitachi

1 RE45,167 Method for driving a gas-discharge panel
2 8,850,592 Unauthorized operation detection system and unauthorized operation detection method
3 8,850,582 Security monitoring system and security monitoring method
4 8,850,494 Forming die assembly for microcomponents
5 8,850,157 Management method and a management system for volume
6 8,850,152 Method of data migration and information storage system
7 8,850,088 Management system and management method
8 8,850,087 Storage device and method for controlling the same
9 8,849,966 Server image capacity optimization
10 8,849,514 Driving support device
11 8,849,446 Vacuum processing apparatus and program
12 8,849,281 Wireless communication system and method for wireless communication
13 8,848,828 Distortion compensation circuit, transmitting apparatus and distortion compensating method
14 8,848,665 Network system including radio network using MPLS
15 8,848,522 Telecommunications system and server apparatus
16 8,848,444 Signal transmission system and storage system
17 8,848,384 Power transducer
18 8,848,318 Magnetic head slider apparatus, magnetic disk drive apparatus, and suspension thereof
19 8,848,193 Non-destructive inspection device for oxygen concentration in bag-shaped container
20 8,848,049 Charged particle beam device and method for correcting detected signal thereof
21 8,847,841 Multi-beam antenna device
22 8,847,839 Resonance-type, receiving antenna and receiving apparatus
23 8,847,745 Display system for working machine
24 8,847,534 Converter, motor driving module, and refrigerating apparatus
25 8,847,454 Rotating electric machine and automobile
26 8,847,374 Power semiconductor module and manufacturing method thereof
27 8,847,343 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device, semiconductor device and substrate processing apparatus
28 8,847,179 Treatment planning apparatus and particle therapy system
29 8,847,173 Gas field ion source and method for using same, ion beam device, and emitter tip and method for manufacturing same
30 8,847,124 Heating device having a meander-shaped heating element with an insulating body accomodating the same, and the substrate processing apparatus including the same
31 8,847,084 Insulating spacer with built-in optical fiber
32 8,846,779 Energy ray-curable ink composition
33 8,846,546 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device, substrate processing method, substrate processing apparatus and recording medium
34 8,846,439 Method and apparatus for forming pattern
35 8,845,958 Process for manufacturing Ni-base alloy and Ni-base alloy
36 8,845,915 Abrading agent and abrading method
37 8,845,894 Flocculation-magnetic separation system
38 8,845,829 Cu alloy material, method of manufacturing Cu alloy conductor using the same, Cu alloy conductor obtained by the method, and cable or trolley wire using the Cu alloy conductor
39 8,845,821 Process for production of R-Fe-B-based rare earth sintered magnet, and steam control member
40 8,845,540 Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus for forming an ultrasound beam based on a common grouping pattern
41 8,845,538 Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus
42 8,845,295 Turbine bucket
43 8,844,787 Fastener driving tool
44 8,844,481 Variable valve apparatus for internal combustion engine
45 8,844,384 Pressure-sensitive sensor production method and pressure-sensitive sensor
46 8,844,349 Thermal type air flow meter having a reinforcing structure provided on the base member between the board fixing part and the secondary passage constituting part
47 8,844,348 Gas flow rate measurement device