Hitachi patents granted on 31 January 2012

61 US patents granted on 31 January 2012 and assigned to Hitachi

1 D653,351 Sample tube destopper module for clinical laboratory automation system
2 D653,303 Frame for immersion flat filter membrane elements
3 8,108,906 Electronic data authenticity assurance method and program
4 8,108,682 Hash value generator
5 8,108,646 Storage system and storage control method that compress and store data elements
6 8,108,644 Storage control apparatus, storage system, and virtual volume control method
7 8,108,639 Storage system, method for calculating estimated value of data recovery available time and management computer
8 8,108,637 Information processing system, controlling method in information processing system, and managing apparatus to manage remote copy in consideration of saving power
9 8,108,630 Storage apparatus, and storage control method using the same
10 8,108,629 Method and computer for reducing power consumption of a memory
11 8,108,606 Computer system and control method for the computer system
12 8,108,602 Log-structured file system for disk drives with shingled writing
13 8,108,597 Storage control method and system for performing backup and/or restoration
14 8,108,595 Storage apparatus and method of managing data storage area
15 8,108,562 Storage subsystem and remote copy system using said subsystem
16 8,108,486 Remote copy system
17 8,108,440 File server and file management method
18 8,108,172 Defect review apparatus and method of reviewing defects
19 8,108,101 Lubricating oil cooling device for traveling speed reduction gear
20 8,108,094 Diagnosis device for energy transfer in vehicle
21 8,108,059 Method of determining range of change in design, design change range determining apparatus, and design change range determining system
22 8,107,896 Data transmission method for a mobile communication system
23 8,107,824 Passive optical network system and communication method therefor
24 8,107,717 Defect inspection method and apparatus
25 8,107,701 Medical image display system and medical image display program
26 8,107,584 Apparatuses and methods for damping nuclear reactor components
27 8,107,471 Communication system, server, control apparatus and communication apparatus
28 8,107,461 SIP exchange system
29 8,107,348 Optical pickup apparatus for use on a multi-layered optical information storage medium
30 8,107,345 Optical disk device and optical disk discriminating method
31 8,107,339 Method of evaluating reproduce signal and optical disc drive
32 8,107,326 Slider with integrated thermally-assisted recording (TAR) head and integrated long laser diode
33 8,107,202 Magnetoresistive sensor with novel pinned layer structure
34 8,107,197 Slider with integrated writer and semiconductor heterostucture read sensor
35 8,107,193 Perpendicular magnetic recording head
36 8,107,180 Hard-disk drive and control method for magnetic recording on a patterned medium of the hard-disk drive
37 8,107,177 Electrical interconnect system with integrated transmission- line compensation components
38 8,107,065 Method and apparatus for detecting defects
39 8,107,028 Display device having improved step coverage for thin film transistors
40 8,107,007 Image processing apparatus
41 8,106,948 Mobile terminal device, computer-readable recording medium, and computer data signal
42 8,106,902 Display device
43 8,106,661 Battery apparatus for controlling plural batteries and control method of plural batteries
44 8,106,619 Position sensorless controller for permanent magnet motor
45 8,106,395 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
46 8,106,385 Organic siloxane film, semiconductor device using the same, flat panel display device, and raw material liquid
47 8,106,371 Charged particle irradiation system and irradiation planning equipment
48 8,106,357 Scanning electron microscope and method for processing an image obtained by the scanning electron microscope
49 8,106,150 Polylactide manufacturing apparatus and method for manufacturing polylactide
50 8,105,957 Method of producing semiconductor device
51 8,105,759 Photosensitive resin composition, and, photosensitive element, method for forming resist pattern, method for manufacturing printed wiring board and method for manufacturing partition wall for plasma display panel using the composition
52 8,105,753 System, method and apparatus for pattern clean-up during fabrication of patterned media using forced assembly of molecules
53 8,105,563 Methods of controlling hydrogen concentrations in an offgas system of a nuclear reactor by passive air injection
54 8,105,540 Method of treating polymer compound and treatment system for the same
55 8,105,099 Lever connector
56 8,105,022 Vane configurations for steam dryers
57 8,104,842 Transporter vehicle
58 8,104,698 Fuel injection valve
59 8,104,355 Thermal humidity sensor
60 8,104,284 Combustor and a fuel supply method for the combustor
61 8,104,183 Portable cutting device capable of adjusting cutting depth