Hitachi patents granted on 31 July 2007

46 US patents granted on 31 July 2007 and assigned to Hitachi

1 7,251,802 Method and system for deciding a wiring route
2 7,251,716 Method and system for data processing with recovery capability
3 7,251,709 Storage device having a lateral storage director
4 7,251,701 Disk array apparatus
5 7,251,664 Volume allocation within a storage management system
6 7,251,594 Execution time modification of instruction emulation parameters
7 7,251,523 Tomogram creating device and radiation examining apparatus
8 7,251,517 Blood sugar level measuring apparatus
9 7,251,515 Blood sugar level measuring apparatus
10 7,251,514 Blood sugar level measuring apparatus
11 7,251,369 Recording medium having recorded thereon coded information using plus and/or minus rounding of images
12 7,251,303 Digital data receiving apparatus and method with system changeover function
13 7,251,247 Translator for IP networks, network system using the translator, and IP network coupling method therefor
14 7,251,230 CDMA mobile communication system and communication method
15 7,251,203 Optical disc drive apparatus, information reproducing or recording method
16 7,251,183 Static random access memory having a memory cell operating voltage larger than an operating voltage of a peripheral circuit
17 7,251,182 Semiconductor memory device and semiconductor integrated circuit device
18 7,251,157 Semiconductor device
19 7,251,149 Semiconductor memory device provided with a write column selection switch and a read column selection switch separately
20 7,251,110 GMR sensor having layers treated with nitrogen for increased magnetoresistance
21 7,251,107 Method and apparatus for providing an air bearing pad having improved roll angle sigma
22 7,251,106 Magnetic head slider having protrusion-compensated air bearing surface design
23 7,251,103 Perpendicular pole having and adjacent non-magnetic CMP resistant structure
24 7,251,100 Mounting interface for a spindle motor
25 7,251,096 Shock induced cleaning for hard disk drives
26 7,251,024 Defect inspection method and apparatus therefor
27 7,251,009 Liquid crystal display device
28 7,251,007 Liquid crystal display device having particular semiconductor layer
29 7,251,006 Liquid crystal display device
30 7,251,005 Liquid crystal display device comprising two counter voltage signal lines having two branches in each pixel region
31 7,250,993 Liquid crystal display device having black matrix overlapping pixel electrode according to rubbing direction
32 7,250,867 Wireless IC tag, and method and apparatus for manufacturing the same
33 7,250,863 Transponder and a sensing system using the transponder
34 7,250,766 Gradient coil apparatus for magnetic resonance imaging system
35 7,250,696 Linear motor and X-Y stage
36 7,250,601 Energy spectrum measuring apparatus, electron energy loss spectrometer, electron microscope provided therewith, and electron energy loss spectrum measuring method
37 7,250,369 Materials for polishing liquid for metal, polishing liquid for metal, method for preparation thereof and polishing method using the same
38 7,250,098 Multi-capillary array electrophoresis device
39 7,250,096 Capillary electrophoresis apparatus and method
40 7,249,808 Brake liquid pressure control unit of on-vehicle device and its manufacturing method
41 7,249,707 Bill depositing/dispensing apparatus
42 7,249,654 Heat insulating acoustical structure and carbody shell structure using the same
43 7,249,485 Substrate processing apparatus
44 7,249,406 Method to detect magnetic pole defects in perpendicular recording heads at wafer level
45 7,249,405 Method for manufacturing a magnetic medium
46 RE39,749 Electric vehicle with secondary battery power storage system