Hitachi patents granted on 31 March 2015

34 US patents granted on 31 March 2015 and assigned to Hitachi

1 8,996,908 Information system, host system and access control method
2 8,996,701 Computer resource distribution method based on prediction
3 8,996,677 Information processing system and processing method arrangements providing load distribution and leveling on data collection units
4 8,996,593 File management apparatus and file management method
5 8,995,748 Defect image processing apparatus, defect image processing method, semiconductor defect classifying apparatus, and semiconductor defect classifying method
6 8,995,602 Method of checking installed state of jet pump beam
7 8,995,471 Shelf of a network synchronization device, and network synchronization device
8 8,995,452 Packet routing apparatus
9 8,995,245 Apparatus for recording optical information in a hologram, apparatus for reproducing optical information stored in a hologram, and a method for recording optical information in, or reproducing optical information from, a hologram
10 8,995,142 Power module and method for manufacturing the same
11 8,995,046 Suspended particle device, light control device using the same, and driving method
12 8,994,931 Paper sheets identification apparatus
13 8,994,815 Method of extracting contour lines of image data obtained by means of charged particle beam device, and contour line extraction device
14 8,994,322 Secondary battery system
15 8,994,299 Engine starting apparatus
16 8,994,245 Permanent magnet type electrical rotating machine and permanent magnet type electrical rotating machine system for vehicle
17 8,994,124 Semiconductor device, method of manufacturing semiconductor device and system of processing substrate
18 8,993,961 Electric charged particle beam microscope and electric charged particle beam microscopy
19 8,993,952 Transimpedance amplifier, semiconductor device, and optical module to include an adding circuit for adding first and second current variation
20 8,993,883 Differential signal transmission cable
21 8,992,724 Plasma processing apparatus and plasma processing method
22 8,992,721 Plasma processing apparatus
23 8,992,665 Metal recovery method and dialysis device
24 8,992,188 Revolution type compressor
25 8,991,942 Brake control apparatus
26 8,991,940 Electrically driven brake booster
27 8,991,783 Fuel injection valve for internal combustion engine
28 8,991,681 Die bonder and bonding method
29 8,991,602 Module used for stacking thin plate panels
30 8,991,570 Cylinder apparatus
31 8,991,564 Disk brake
32 8,991,563 Disk brake and method of producing the same
33 8,991,429 Pilot valve assembly
34 8,991,184 Hybrid construction machine