Hitachi patents granted on 31 May 2011

70 US patents granted on 31 May 2011 and assigned to Hitachi

1 RE42,414 Drawing management device having ability to retrieve and display a desired amount of data within a desired display time
2 RE42,405 Method for forming partitions of plasma display panel by using sandblasting process
3 D638,952 Molecular testing machine
4 D638,681 Portable electric circular saw
5 7,954,104 Remote copy storage device system and a remote copy method to prevent overload of communication lines in system using a plurality of remote storage sites
6 7,954,039 Memory card and memory controller
7 7,954,013 Storage device and performance measurement method for the same
8 7,954,003 Fault management system in multistage copy configuration
9 7,953,952 Computer and method for controlling whether or not to release all real storage areas assigned to virtual volume
10 7,953,949 Data reallocation among storage systems
11 7,953,947 Creating a snapshot based on a marker transferred from a first storage system to a second storage system
12 7,953,942 Storage system and operation method of storage system
13 7,953,940 Storage system and control method thereof
14 7,953,939 Storage system and method of controlling a storage system
15 7,953,927 Allocating clusters to storage partitions in a storage system
16 7,953,909 Storage system comprising power saving function
17 7,953,904 Storage control apparatus having power saving controller which stops particular data transfers based on connection and data transfer rates
18 7,953,831 Method for setting up failure recovery environment
19 7,953,701 Method of controlling total disk usage amount in virtualized and unified network storage system
20 7,953,691 Performance evaluating apparatus, performance evaluating method, and program
21 7,953,574 Methods and apparatuses for heat management in information systems
22 7,953,571 Sensor network system for managing the latest data and history data
23 7,953,567 Defect inspection apparatus and defect inspection method
24 7,953,408 Message transmission system using an area address to transmit messages
25 7,953,406 Access point
26 7,953,321 Optical transmission equipment and optical add-drop multiplexer
27 7,953,281 Encoded image signal conversion method and apparatus
28 7,953,179 Peak suppressing OFDM transmitter
29 7,953,154 Image coding device and image coding method
30 7,953,106 Transmission apparatus
31 7,953,098 Method for limiting utilizing terminal of contents, and storage device and system for method
32 7,953,046 Wireless communications device
33 7,953,012 Monitoring arrangements, having communication establishment information changed from initial communication establishment information
34 7,952,876 Electric power converter
35 7,952,831 Perpendicular magnetic recording write head with notched trailing shield
36 7,952,823 Method for transmitting digital audio and video information
37 7,952,701 Surface inspection method and inspecting device using the same
38 7,952,700 Method of apparatus for detecting particles on a specimen
39 7,952,699 Apparatus of inspecting defect in semiconductor and method of the same
40 7,952,682 Liquid crystal display device
41 7,952,673 Display device
42 7,952,672 Liquid crystal display device
43 7,952,663 Liquid crystal display device
44 7,952,650 Reflector and projection type display apparatus
45 7,952,645 Video processing apparatus and mobile terminal apparatus
46 7,952,597 Image display device
47 7,952,339 Semiconductor circuit
48 7,952,327 Assembled battery total voltage detection and leak detection apparatus
49 7,952,277 Plasma display panel
50 7,952,249 Permanent-magnet type electric rotating machine and permanent-magnet type electric rotating machine system for automobile or train
51 7,952,245 Power distribution unit for rotary electric machine with linear conductor connecting ring having terminal section with axially extending hole for connecting stator coil, and method for assembling rotary electric machine
52 7,952,216 Wind turbine generator system
53 7,952,214 Wind power generation system and method of controlling power converter
54 7,952,102 Display device and manufacturing method thereof
55 7,952,095 Display device and manufacturing method therefor
56 7,952,085 Surface inspection apparatus and method thereof
57 7,952,083 Ion beam system and machining method
58 7,952,076 Radiation imaging system and nuclear medicine diagnosis instrument therefor
59 7,952,074 Method and apparatus for inspecting integrated circuit pattern
60 7,952,072 Test apparatus
61 7,952,050 Drilling method and laser machining apparatus
62 7,951,483 Assembled battery with inner and outer frames
63 7,950,982 Method for achieving stripe height control at bow compensated lapping
64 7,950,913 Seal system and scroll type fluid machine
65 7,950,897 Gas turbine and gas turbine cooling method
66 7,950,504 Disk brake
67 7,950,503 Electric disk brake, caliper for the electric disk brake, motor/controller unit for the electric disk brake, and method for assembling the caliper for the electric disk brake
68 7,950,348 Substrate processing apparatus and semiconductor device producing method
69 7,950,278 Atmosphere control device
70 7,950,137 Method for manufacturing a magnetic write head